Monday, December 28, 2009

A Work In Progress

I am not a text book Christian,
falling short so many ways.
But I know my God is with me,
The Author of my days.

I know there is a Reason,
and a purpose to it all.
To everything a Season,
and He Loves us through it all.

I don’t always make it into church,
Or spend my day in prayer.
Seldom get it right at all,
But God is ever there.

A square peg in a round hole,
Much carving yet to do.
At best, a work in progress,
and my heart is ever true.

To live by Grace,
With Joy embrace,
The wonder of it all,
From Mountains to the valleys,
Creator of it all.

May I never fit into a mould,
For then I would not be,
Open to the heart of One,
within the Heart of me.

2 Corinthians 12:9,
‘My Grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.’

Christmas Bells

The Christmas bells are ringing.
Wear your pretty dress,
A smile, a song, a hug for all.
Give this day your best.

The Birthday of our Savior.
Rejoice, in deed and heart.
Angels sing in Heaven,
Dear Lord, How Great Thou Art.

Tell those you love, I love you.
Husbands kiss your wives,
and wives, be women all day long.
Glad to be alive.

Dance like no ones looking.
Sing like no one hears.
Spend time with your children,
this precious time of year.

Goodwill to men, and Peace on Earth.
The Christmas bells still ring.
Despite two thousand years or more,
Hosanna to The King.

The Reason For The Season

I watch the Christmas shoppers,
Running to and fro,
Trying to buy happiness,
wrapped up in a bow.

Spending every dollar,
getting deeper into debt.
Not too much of Jesus shines,
Did the world forget?

The gift of Love is in your heart
and money cannot buy
The Reason for the Season,
The babe who came to die.

So all alone, one tiny child.
Up against the world.
Borne to the lowliest of them,
A carpenter, a girl.

Not all wrapped up in tinsel,
On that Holy Blessed night.
but Grace, defying reason,
and Hope, we get it right.

May all the true Magic of this Holiday Season shine in hearts across the world.
Merry Christmas to all, with Love,

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


So much of life, I just don’t get,
no matter how I try.
Arrogance and foolish pride,
those who never cry.
People giving up on dreams,
settling for less.
Never ending circles,
of tragedy and mess.
Those who die too early,
those who live too long.
Four year olds, with filthy mouths,
Children with no song.

Then there is the other side,
Like Heaven’s dew in morning,
Washing all the dirt away,
Hope and promise dawning.
Wanted children, born in love.
Couples growing old.
Gentle hearts and Charity.
Wonders to behold.
The first steps of an infant.
Love light in your eyes.
Mountains topped with silver snow,
Sunshine and blue skies.

One day to understand it all,
but up until such time.
I much prefer the other side,
Where Love and Grace are mine.
God is God, and I am me.
A tiny speck of dust.
Blown every way, then back to Him.
Keeper of my trust.
Dreams are ever out there.
Hope can fill the heart.
A walk of Faith,
The Dance of Life,
and only valid part.

1 Corinthians 13:12,
'For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tears For A Friend

I wish that I could tell you,
all the words I want to say.
When there is no hope left to find,
all we can do is pray.

So I pray for you my sister,
your children and your heart.
I know that God is in this too,
have known that from the start.

You came to me so long ago,
we have traveled far.
Not on any easy path,
but God knows where you are.

He knew that you would need a friend,
one who knew the deal.
Not a fair one, paved with scars,
God, and time, to heal.

When darkness comes, don’t be afraid.
I will hold your hand.
Help you any way I can.
Help you just to stand.

Life isn’t fair, or easy.
but you were blessed by love.
A kind and gentle friend to all,
Gone home to rest Above.

Be brave my dearest sister.
Be strong, and seek His Face,
and when grief overcomes you,
Let go, in His Embrace.

I know that He will help you.
and pray you will know too.
When there is no hope left to find,
God comes down to you.

Monday, December 14, 2009

My Country

I wonder how you are today,
my green and pleasant land.
My family, my country,
so far from touching hands.

I think about your Seasons.
Mist upon the moor.
Springtime and the daffodils,
snowdrops at the door.

I think about the cottages.
Tiny cobbled streets.
Good Mornings,
and Good Afternoons,
The way the English greet.

My mother’s polished Copper.
My father’s jug of beer.
A ploughman’s lunch,
Instead of brunch,
How everyone said ,’Cheers.’

I remember sketching on the River banks.
Feeding pigeons in the Square.
Galleries of History.
Sunday Markets open air.

Ponies roaming through the vale,
Rolling hills, and heather.
Forest Glades,
footpaths made,
walking in all weather.

From time to time I yearn for you,
my green and pleasant land,
Precious island of my birth,
So far, from touching hands.

Just The Way He Made Me

I don’t have to be,
any one but me.
I’m O.K.
the way,
He made me.

Ever gentle,
ever kind,
ever learning,
and I don’t mind.

He has a Plan,
I play a part,
with all my soul,
and all my heart.
the way,
He made me.

I may not fit,
into a box.
Nor on a pedestal,
my Rock,
is ever Faithful.
Ever Real,
to help the scars of this life heal.
Shine the sun on rainy days.
Raise me up and point the way.
Assure my heart,
that I’m O.K.
the way,
He made me.


This Time Of Year

Oh how I miss you at this time of year.
Can you see me from Heaven staying the tears.
I can’t tell the world, and I can’t tell the kids,
but I miss you so much, and the things that we did.

I buried myself in this farm,a career.
Loving the One that we both held so dear.
Providing for all, and I don’t mind that part,
but Oh how I miss, just sharing my heart.

Some one said you’d be so proud of all we have done,
by the Grace of our Savior, a race still to run.
I think you would laugh, at ‘your girl’, and her life.
but Oh how I miss, just being your wife.

Such a friendship we shared, through the good and the bad.
Loving and laughing, no time to be sad.
Through all the wonder, and through every trial.
Together In Him, making all things worthwhile.

So we put up the tree, and for all I am worth,
Celebrate Jesus, to Honor His Birth.
Pray to stay Joyful, and pray Morning will come.
This Time of Year, can be so hard, for some.

praying for all who feel this most difficult time of year........

James 4: 8
'Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.'

The Reason for the Season. The Reason for it all.
in His Love..........


For God So Loved The World

The Angels lulled the Heavens,
and stars lit up the sky.
The night God sent His Son to earth,
Born for us, to die.

I wonder how He felt that night,
Watching from above.
No room at the inn,
For His precious gift of Love.

So quietly and tenderly,
The image in my heart.
The Saviour of the World,
Eternal candle in the dark.

A tiny baby crying
In a stable so forlorn.
Lamb of God, Messiah.
The Reason He was born.

God shone 'His' Light where Jesus lay.
to say,’Behold my Son.’
I wonder if His heart was torn,
The moment it was done.


John 3:16,
'For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have eternal life.'

Sunday, December 13, 2009


People matter,
to me.

I see,
and dare,
to care.

for a kinder hand.


every way.
to dull the pain,
of one more day.

The old,
the sick,
the dying
to live.

the hurtful
words of need.
Born of a world,
in self,
and greed,
just spilling out,
where torn hearts bleed,
and know,
that people matter

Christmas With Jesus

I remember that Christmas,
so haunted with pain.
The last words you said,
“Come kiss me again.’
I remember I asked,
‘would you like me to stay?’
and you smiled,
‘I am fine,
watch our son
his school play.’

The next time I saw you,
later that night.
You didn’t see me,
and nothing was right.
So many tubes,
so much awful sound.
I cried out to God,
for His Mercy,
I found.

Witnessed your battle,
of unending pain.
Day after day,
then all over again.
I had promised to Love you,
Honor , Obey.
One final request,
not to end it, this way.

‘Let him go, let him be.’
I lay down by your side,
whispered assurance,
my heart could not hide.
‘It’s alright to go Home now,
we will be fine.
Take hold of His Hand,
and He will hold mine.
Thank you for all things.
Thank you for Love.
Spend Christmas with Jesus.
In Glory, above.’

I know you are walking,
on streets made of Gold.
Singing with Angels,
Saints young and old.
Free from this world,
with it’s heartache,
and pain.
and I know that one day,
I will see you again.


When life gets tough,
Do we give up?
So easy that would be.
We make a choice,
despair, Rejoice,
even in adversity.

Perhaps you lost a loved one,
No work, no Hope, no home.
Thinking, where is God in this?
So weary, saints have grown.

and Holidays,
The hardest time,
for those who stand alone.
Satan does his very best,
To crush God's very Own.

Just like the Starfish story,
So many on the shore.
What is the point , of helping one,
When every day brings more.

Remember one small baby,
No room at the Inn.
Remember how the world was then,
and what we did to Him.

Born to die in anguish,
Prophecy fulfilled.
One gentle man, against the world.
Living out God’s Will.

Ask the one small starfish,
The one who learned to swim.
What would have happened to that soul?
Without the Grace of Him.

Draw nigh, and read the ‘Living Word.’
Pray hard, and count the Stars.
Look around , and Thank The Lord,
For bringing us thus far.

We cannot change the flow of tide.
We cannot change the Season.
All He said will come to pass.
One day, to know the reason.

When life gets tough,
Do we give up?
So easy that would be.
We make a choice,
despair, Rejoice,
even in adversity.


The Starfish Story:

Once there was an old man, who went down to the seashore every morning.
The tide would wash up hundreds of starfish, who lay there dying on the sand.
Each day, whatever the weather, and however weary the old man was, he would go down to the beach and throw the starfish back into the ocean.

One day a young boy , who had witnessed his devotion , came up and asked him, “ Sir, why do you do this, don’t you know there will be hundreds more tomorrow?”
The old man looked up, with tearful eyes, “of course I know, that’s why I come.”
“but Sir, isn’t that all a little pointless?”, laughed the boy, thinking the old man was a fool.

The old man looked out at the Sea, and up to the Heavens, then answered.
“ Ask the ones who Live.”

Matthew 28:20,
'and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.' Jesus.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Last To Be The First

Lord move among Your People,
In Righteousness, and Prayer.
Fill us with Conviction,
That All can see You there.

Bless Your Holy Remnant,
In Jesus name I pray,
To move among Your precious lambs,
drive the wolves away.

Strengthen us, for we are few,
and weak, so full of sin.
Draw us closer,to Your Heart.
When Faith is wearing thin.

I can see Your Sacrifice.
Still nailed by men today,
and I see my Jesus,
Spat upon, along the way.


I can hear His Voice of Love,
Whispered down through You,
Forgive them, Lord Forgive them,
For they know not what they do.

This world so full of Evil.
So much suffering and Pain.
Help us to Restore your Bride,
To Honor You again.

In Gentleness, and Purity,
The last to be the first.
To offer Living Water,
For so many that still thirst.

Move among Your People Lord,
In Jesus name I pray.
Assurance in a broken world,
There will be,
A Brand New Day.


Once there was a little girl,
who loved to sit in trees.
Without a care,
sun streaked hair,
just dancing in the breeze.
Chasing butterflies all day,
gathering the flowers.
Talking to the birds and bees,
for many precious hours.

Then she grew,
life rearranged,
the order of her day.
Time took hold,
Love grew cold,
and some dreams blew away.
It got so dark, some years ago,
the flowers ceased to bloom.
A never ending tunnel,
Of Grief, Despair, and Gloom.

The smallest sunbeam danced inside,
and Light began to shine.
Not all at once,
but Day by Day.
Drops of Healing Wine.

Now there is a Child of God,
Who loves to watch the trees.
Feel the sunshine warm her skin,
Standing in the breeze.
Watch the animals at play.
Smell Heaven in the flowers.
Hear His Music in the birds,
Reclaim each stolen hour.

Consider every day,
another Stepping stone to Him.
The One who never left her side,
When Hope was growing thin.
Fingerprints of Heaven,
In all her eyes behold.
Wonder upon wonder still,
Never growing old.

Perhaps a wrinkle here and there.
Perhaps a scar or two,
but none the less,
Her heart is blessed,
because The Light,
came through.

John 8:12,
Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, ‘I am the light of the world: he that followed me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.’


When life throws you lemons,
make lemonade.
Then share it with Jesus,
Thank God you are Saved.

When black clouds are gathered,
Go dance in the rain.
Look for the Rainbow,
Then Thank God again.

When you think you are weary,
Remember the Cross.
All that He suffered,
That we are not lost.

Don’t let Satan taunt you,
Walk strong and walk tall,
For we serve a God,
Who is Greater than All.

From one who knows lemons,
seen plenty of rain.
There will always be trials,
and always be pain.

and Always His Love,
and Always His Smile,
When we make lemonade,
and go dancing awhile.

--------------------- for Judy, with love.

Mary's Child

Many , many years ago, a teenage girl gave birth.
In a dark and lowly stable, on the straw, and damp, cold earth.
All of heaven watching, as the babe became a boy,
learned to talk, play and walk,
Firstborn pride and joy.

Every time he stumbled, his mother ran to see.
Wipe his tears, still his fears, bandage wounded knees.
When he had a fever she would swaddle him with love,
rocking, singing lullabies,
witnessed from above.

His father taught him Carpentry, a boy should learn a trade.
His oldest son, ‘Beloved One,’ a young man to be made.
Teaching all the skills he knew, walk tall and unafraid,
schooling him as best he could,
for the rest he prayed.

So it was he grew in years.
Learned to teach and heal.
Gentle, kind, and gracious,
Stamped with Heavens seal.


Mary cried a thousand tears, the day her Jesus died.
Pierced and torn in anguish, as the spear lunged in His side.
Lifting hands to Heaven, for God’s Mercy to prevail.
Far beyond a mothers heart, as God allowed each nail.

Even Angels closed their eyes, that day upon the Cross.
The Holy One, Gods only Son,
Born to die, to save the lost.

The veil was torn, and Hope reborn, as Jesus Rose Again.
‘The Christmas Child’, unwrapping God, every day since then.
Celebrate ‘Emmanuel,’ His birth and Crucifixion.
His Grace and Living Presence, with hearts of true conviction.

Regift His Love each moment, tell others of ‘His Story.’
So much more than once a year,
Mary’s child.
Gods Glory.


written in His Love.

Did You Know

 Did you know? God loves you so, exactly as you are. You don’t have to be a Hero, or the brightest of the stars. You don’t have to be amazing, Squeaky clean, or always right. Just you, the way He made you, With Him, to be the Light. Did you know God loves the Sinner, and that includes us all. None of us are perfect, and all of us will fall. Even those who live to serve, Will sometimes fail the test, but Jesus goes on Loving us, and bringing out the best. So if you feel forsaken, Just know He Loves you still. Faith is tried and tested, To grow stronger in His Will. There is only One real Hero. Only One Bright Star, Jehovah Jireh, Jesus, Who Loves you as you are.


Standing for my gentle King,
quietly, with Love.
Knowing nothing matters more,
than living Him, Above.

No trumpets blaring loudly,
No, Holier than thou.
No ,I know all the answers,
just God and me somehow.

Quietly with kindness,
Faithful through all.
He is the Almighty,
and I… very small.

but with Him,
I see oceans part,
and mountains moved away.
Hope among the Hopeless,
Rainbows every day.

Sunshine in the darkest clouds.
Roses in the weeds.
Quietly, The Face of Love,
Taking care of needs.

Every day I see Him move,
a little at a time.
Gently healing, Grace revealing,
His heart, hearing mine.

Standing for my gentle King,
quietly, with Love.
Knowing nothing matters more,
Than living Him, Above.


Look at you now,
tugging my sleeve.
More than I had hoped for,
ever believed.
Black curls cascading,
the bluest of eyes,
giggling and sparkling,
such a Blessed surprise.

‘I’m a First Grader,
My name is Maria,
(in English so clear.)
My Mom got remarried.
My new Dad is cool.
Now I am legal,
and I go to school.’

She jumped up and down,
Full of joy, full of pride,
and I heard a soft whisper,
from somewhere inside.
‘Rejoice in Maria,
every moment worthwhile.
Miracles happen,
Just look at her smile.’

Maria, Maria,
God loves you so,
and my heart is bursting,
far more than you know.
Black curls cascading,
so prettily dressed.
Glittering Hope,
and my world,
has been Blessed.

Thank You

Sometimes God sends us angels,
another hand to hold.
Stepping stones, of guidance,
when love is growing cold.
They may not be there always,
perhaps just passing through,
but I know they are straight from Him,
ever watching all we do.

My life is touched by angels,
whenever my step falters.
A brother or a sister comes,
to help me walk on water.
I may not be the strongest,
may I never be so grand!
but I am ever Thankful,
to God's Own, who took my hand.

with heartfelt thanks, to all who have lifted me in prayer, and fellowship, during a recent bout of illness, and especially Jesus! always.
Rejoicing in Him, and fully restored........

One Day At A Time

 One day at a time Lord. Help me to live. Even abased, still willing to give. All that I have, and all that I am. One day at a time Lord. All that I can. One day at a time Lord. Help me to sing. Songs full of Hope, Rejoicing in Him. Drinking the sunshine, Hearing Your Call. One day at a time Lord. All upon All. and when I am weary, when I am lost. bring me to tears, at the Foot of The Cross. Help me remember, the Price that was paid. One day at a time Lord, that we may be Saved. Fill me to Pour me, Pour me to Fill. One day at a time, Ever living Your Will.


Greater Than It All

I love You Lord,
and lift my heart,
Poured out,
and Blessed,
to be a part,
of something Greater than it all.
Knowing I am Oh so small,
just a breath among it all.

A vapor,
passing through.
On my way to Worship You.
In Fullness, kneeling at the Throne.
Finally, to make it Home.

Even so, anoint my heart,
that self can play no active part.
Every day to serve my King .
Flying where the Angels sing,
and Love comes down,
in tears of Grace,
another soul,
to see Your Face,
the way that I see You.

In Jesus name,
Beneath Your Wings.
Whatever Lord,
this journey brings,
I love You,
and I lift my heart.
So very blessed,
to be a part.
Of something Greater than it all.
I feel Your Presence,
Hear the Call.
Peace and Joy,
within it all,
on my way to Worship You.

I Wish I Knew

I can’t fix the world, Lord.
I can’t mend a heart.
I can’t do one single thing,
unless You are a part.

I can’t go into work Lord,
without a prayer to You,
I am no use to anyone,
Unless of use to You.

but I can be a hand to hold,
and I can be a smile.
The one to help you sing a song,
Love on you a while.

I can help you learn to read,
and write, and laugh out loud.
and I can help you stand up strong,
where childhood is allowed.

But that’s about the size of it,
and Lord I wish I knew.
A way to fix the children,
to lead them back to You.


Matthew 19:14,
‘But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.’

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Waiting On The Lord

Waiting on The Lord,
Is the hardest thing to do,
but in it there is Wisdom,
as He clears a path for You.

At times we feel Forsaken,
but that is not of Him.
We took our eyes off Jesus,
and the thief came waltzing in.

Often we are tested,
for something yet to come.
God shapes us,
and remakes us,
for the race still left to run.

He is ever Faithful.
His Love is ever True.
Through it all, He draws us nigh.
Holding tight to you.

Sometimes just His Garment.
and sometimes in despair,
too tangled in the thorns of life,
to see Him standing there.

Have Faith, amidst adversity.
Have Faith, and Peace of heart.
He is the God who lights the sky at night,
Caused the waves to part.

The God who paints the Sunsets.
The God who sends the rain.
The God who wrote the Book of Life,
Will make a Way, again


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Lord Is My Shepherd

The Lord is my Shepherd,
and I, am His lamb.
He hears all my bleating,
knows where I am.

Watches me fall down,
then watches me Fly.
Loves me regardless,
and I don’t know why.

Why did You choose me?
So weak, and so poor.
Why Lord, so many,
much stronger….and more.

and He said,
The poor ,
are the Richest by far.
They know who I Am,
‘The Bright Morning Star.’

The weak can be molded,
Girded by Me.
Hearts full of compassion,
for those yet to See.

and the fool seeketh Wisdom,
thirsts to know more.
ever humbled and yearning,
to Fill, and to Pour.

I came down for the broken.
I came down for the lost.
I came down for the ones,
who will not count the cost.

Then I think He smiled,
as His Hand brushed my cheek,
‘I Am The Good Shepherd,
and I know my sheep.’


Psalm 100:3,
‘Know ye that the Lord he is God; it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.’

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rock Of Ages

Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
Let me hide myself in Thee.
Ever Faithful, ever True,
Lord I praise and worship You,
Hold me close to stay the course,
Let my heart, hold no remorse.

Rock of Ages, cleft for me.
Let me hide myself in Thee.
Bathe me in Your Holy Light,
Glowing gently through the night.
Let my hands be Your Hands too.
Pour me out, to fill anew.

Rock of Ages, cleft for me.
Let me hide myself in Thee.
Tho my steps may sometimes fail.
Through it all, Your Love prevails.
Weak and weary, sad and small.
Fly me high, above it all.

Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
Let me hide myself in Thee.
When I fall before The Throne,
Kiss the Feet that led me Home.
Every trial, every test.
Lord to know, I gave my best.


Of Angels

Looking up at me with almond eyes,
the face of an angel.
not always,
but today,
for sure,
My Angel.

I missed you teacher,
and my sister cried all night,
and all day,
because she missed you,
and don’t leave us.

like I ever could,
or would.
through choice.

Sun shining smiles,
and hugs.
Growing, and glowing
in Love.

and still , looking up at me,
seeking reassurance,
The face of an angel.

Tear streaked,
Paint smudged ,
and battered,
climbing into my lap,
My Angel.

and I am Blessed


Master Of The Storm

Clinging to The Fathers Heart.
With everything I have
Redeemer, Precious Saviour
My soul so very glad.

Nothing this world throws at me,
Though trials overwhelm,
Can take away Your Love, my Love,
For You are at the Helm.

and tho the sea is raging now ,
and tho the storm is here.
I rest assured this too will pass,
and You will calm all fear

Stay with me Precious Jesus,
Guard the ones I love.
Be my Courage,
Be my Strength,
Help me rise above,

Bless my smile ,’for His Names Sake.’
Tho trembling my stance,
I still hear sweet music playing,
Beckoning come dance

I give this round to You Lord,
One moment at a time,
All I can do,
Is cling to You,
Assured All will be fine.
Romans 9:38,
‘For I am convinced that neither death nor life, nor angels, nor principalities: nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, not height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord’ Amen.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stiller Of The Storm

I know the Master of the Storm,
Loved me the moment I was born.
Teaches me to smell the flowers,
Draws me nigh in darkest Hours,
Shows me all the wonder,
Of the dawn.

I know the One who Parts the Sea,
Lifts me up to be all I can be.
Even when the waters rise,
Forever there to be my Guide,
Gave His Life
to save the soul of me

I know the Author of it All,
Knows when every tiny sparrow falls,
Clothed the Lilies in the Fields,
Offers Hope when ere I kneel,
Adorning me in Purple,
For the Ball.


from Jesus, through me, with Love............



If the stars go out one at a time,
and the sun one day forgets to shine.
Still I know that Love is mine.

If my flesh should fail, my heart is true,
Forever bound in Love to You,
Then that’s enough,
to get me through
and Shine.

A smile, a hug, for one who needs.
A band aid for the ones who bleed,
To pray, someday ,
to watch Him lead them Home.

and I will do my part, Dear God,
In adversity our feet are shod,
To count it all, for Thy names Sake.
The Good,
The Bad,
The Joy,
The Ache,
To run into Your arms.

Carry me on glittered wings,
To run barefoot, to dance and sing,
and I will do my best to bring,
Your Light,
Into the world.

If the stars go out one at a time,
and the sun one day forgets to shine.
Still, I know,
that Love is mine.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
The most Precious Name I know.
You know everything about me,
Even, when I’m laid so low.

You help me count my blessings.
Show me how to live.
Every day, a better way,
to Love
and to Forgive.

You fill my heart with Sunshine,
Music, Love ,and Light.
Hope and Faith throughout it all,
that ,‘All’ will be alright.

I saw Your Face this morning,
Dying on the Cross,
Blood and tears,
Despair and Fears,
Such a price, my pardon cost.

So aware of my unworthiness,
Help me, strive to be.
‘All', that You were hoping for,
When You suffered so, for me.

'All' that You are asking Lord,
that I can do my part.
and 'All' the rest, my very best,
That 'All' can know Your heart.


I Love You Lord.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Where Heaven Comes Down

The bluest of skies and the colors of Gold,
Such breathtaking beauty,
To have and to hold.
A blessing to see, to breathe in and let go,
and on the horizon, my mountains, with snow.

So many times, when the world overcomes,
God meets me right here, where the silver streams run.
Shows me my mountains,
Where Heaven comes down.
Lifts me , refills me,
With wonder around.

Soothed by the water, the bird song, the breeze.
The spotlight of God, pouring down through the trees.
Leaves fall and flutter, and care falls away.
Lord, how I need to bathe in You this day.

Squirrels play kiss chase.
A jack rabbit runs,
Butterflies dance, glittered wings in the sun.
Purple hued mountains , glistening crowns.
At one with The Father,
Where Heaven comes down.

Every Day

Every day we make a choice,
To live for self, or be a voice.
Misunderstood, perhaps at times.
Bruised a little, nothing rhymes.
Lost a little somedays too,
but always Lord,
A voice for You.

Every day, the world comes in,
Tangled up, we fall in sin,
None perfect,
daily washed within,
To be a voice,
Of Love,
Of Him.

Everyday, an uphill climb,
Pruned and honed, The Fathers Vine,
Each leaf, so small, so green, to Shine.
The still, small voice,
Of Love.

Every day, the sun shines down.
Flowers bloom, and Grace abounds.
We have a choice, to laugh or cry.
Believe in dreams, or watch them die.
Touch the stars, in all Rejoice,
Close our hearts, or hear His Voice,
In Love


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Little Pieces

Gods heart in little pieces,
Spread throughout the world.
Torn to shreds upon the Cross,
To Save a little girl.
A little boy who knows no love,
A father on his knees.
A mother who is broken.
One big Forest,
Full of trees.

The Elderly forgotten,
Lived through Two world Wars.
Lost life and limb for Freedom,
Now begging door to door.
Can’t mention Jesus in our schools,
That ,they call abuse.
Politically Correct dictates,
Freedom’s self made noose.

The baby born with HIV,
The ones who never cry,
Bound in silent anger,
Never knowing why.
The tainted and the dying,
That no one wants to know.
Gods heart in little pieces,
Because He Loves them so.

How beautiful those pieces are,
Wherever they may shine,
Crying with the Fathers tears,
These children are still mine,
When you walk away from them,
You walk away from me
Torn to little pieces,
for a future I could see.

Gods heart in little pieces,
Spread throughout the world.
Torn to shreds upon the Cross,
To save a little girl.
A little boy who knows no love,
A father on his knees.
A mother who is broken.
One big Forest,
Full of trees.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Candle

When the world is not my friend,
I think of you, and cry.
Blessed by precious memories,
To hold until I die.
Blessed by having known you,
Blessed by knowing love,
The kind that only God bestows,
Poured down from above.

I hope someday to feel again,
The wonder of it all
But here and now,
I’m not so sure,
and feeling very small.
Someday’s, just so weary.
Spent and feeling low.
One day at a time , for Him,
The Greatest Love I know.

I think you would be smiling.
So far we have come.
but, so much yet that lies ahead,
before this race is run.
I tried to grow that backbone,
Toughen up my heart,
but then God said, be me instead.
Think He Loves that part.

I think about the pain you bore,
Every single day.
Always smiling through it all,
‘God will find a way.’
For sure He did, so long ago.
For sure He will again
You said,’Go out and spread His Word’
A Sister to all men.

You said I taught you how to love,
but I know it was God.
When the world is not our friend,
The feet of Saints are shod.
So very blessed in knowing you,
For then I found His Heart.
Shining on,
though you are gone.
My candle in the dark.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Upon My Knees

Falling on my knees this day
crawling to Your feet
Kick me Lord, for I am spent,
feeling such deplete.
Exhausted, weary, Homesick,
Just longing for Your Touch.
Sweet Jesus , wash me, lift me up.
I need You, Oh so much.

Your children are all weary Lord.
Come quickly, hear our prayer.
So longing for that trumpet call,
Redemption shining there.
My Lord in all His Splendour,
Every knee to bow.
Triumphant King,
Such Praise will sing,
but Father, here and now………

Crawling on my knees to You,
Another day will come
Wash me, lift me , help me walk.
Still a race to run.
Help me run it well Lord,
Lay each burden down.
In You, With You, all the way,
That Grace and Love abound.

Your children are all weary Lord.
Come quickly, hear our prayer.
So longing for that trumpet call,
Redemption shining there.
My Lord in all His Splendour,
Every knee to bow.
Triumphant King,
Such Praise will sing,
but Father, here and now………

Just another weary soul
another hand to hold.
Curled up on such Precious Feet,
another heart to mold.
Hiding in Your Gentle Wings
Sweet Spirit ,Come, I pray.
Wash me, Fill me, Pour me out,
Upon my knees this day.


Friday, October 16, 2009

His Smile

I wish there were words I could tell you,
to help you know God feels your pain.
I wish there were more to do for you,
To help you to dance in the rain.
You see me so strong and resilient,
but child , I stand not on my own.
I am weak, He is strong,
only carried along,
on a journey to find my way Home.

I wish there were some way to show you,
all that glitters is not what you need.
My smile came from knowing some sorrows,
My heart bears some scars, I still bleed.
The glow that you envy is not made by me,
and all of my riches are nought.
My Treasure is Loving and Serving a King,
by His blood , Sacrificed, I was bought.

I know well that some moments are darkness.
I know well that this life is unfair.
I know you’ve been crying, given up trying ,
and I know that my Lord is right there.
His Hands reaching down from the Heavens,
His eyes spilling teardrops of Grace
Provision and hugs, by His Arms and His Love,
and His Heart puts the smile, on my face.

Philippians 4:13,
'I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.'

Monday, October 12, 2009


I heard it said of church today,
‘I don’t know where to go.’
When talking with a sister,
Single mother, feeling low.
‘My children make a noise', she said,
‘and everybody stares.
I don’t feel they will miss me,
No one really cares.’

I said I would go with her,
Wherever she may choose.
I know where she is coming from,
because I wore those shoes.
Still at times I wear them now,
but not for very long,
Jesus doesn’t care for shoes,
and all His Lambs belong.

‘Where two or more are gathered.’
The Shepherd calls His Own.
Go out into the hedgerows,
Bring His children Home.
More and more I hear that voice,
‘I don’t know where to go.’
Go to Jesus, where He is
For He Loves you so.

Leave the blind to lead the blind.
Worship with your heart.
Anywhere, God doesn’t care.
Voices in the dark.
Bring the children unto me.
Bring the sick to heal.
Glory to the King of Kings,
Give Thanks, Repent and kneel.

Kick off those shoes that never fit,
Dance barefoot in the Aisle
Let His Spirit Move, and Flow.
Watch The Father Smile.
Yes, I will go with you,
and Jesus will come too.
God is waiting,
Arms outstretched,
Because He so Loves you.


The One Who Carries Me

Though I may have less than most,
always out of place.
I am blessed beyond compare,
With Visions of His Face.
Daily one step closer,
to where I want to be.
Walking in the footsteps,
of the One who carries me.

At times so very much alone,
A stranger to this land.
but, just where He put me,
to be a held out hand.
And in return my heart is full,
much more than others see.
Walking in the footsteps,
of the One who carries me.

So I don’t mind the down times,
and I don’t mind life’s trials.
I get to see the Eyes of Love,
in every joyful child.
I get to watch my Lord each day,
Setting captives free.
Walking in the footsteps,
of the One who carries me.

When my time is done here,
every moment planned.
I will bathe His Holy feet,
so covered in my sand.
Touch The Robe that made me whole.
Kneel before His Throne.
Tremble, Worship and Adore,
The One who led me Home


Sunday, October 11, 2009

In Love

If I have it all,
but have not Love.
nothing is of worth.
I may never know the wonder,
The beauty of God’s earth.
The sun that warms,
The trees that shade,
The breeze to fill my heart.
Heaven sent to touch the soul,
and just the smallest part.

If I have it all,
but have not Love,
Never can I feel,
The Peace of resting in His Arms.
The Grace, by which we heal.
The tears that fill my eyes each time,
I think upon The Cross,
All He gave,
that Love can save,
The dying and the lost.

If I have it all,
but have not Love.
How can I love you.
Pushed and pulled by want and need,
in everything we do.
Love covers each transgression,
for all fall short in time.
But Love can always find a way.
Love will always shine.

Love sings it’s tune in birdsong,
Whispers through the trees,
Carried to the ears of those,
Take heart, stand firm, Believe.
‘Lo, I am with You always'.
The Beginning and the End.
Abba Father, First and Last.
Comforter and Friend.
Holy Lamb.
Forever by your side.
Coming back in Glory, soon.
In Love, to claim my Bride.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Giving Thanks

How beautiful this day has been,
The breeze, the sun, and You,
Filling , spilling down such Grace,
As only You can do
Children laughing, songs of Praise,
Color all around,
Joy and Love,
For One above,
Shining on each face.

How Beautiful You are Lord,
To save a wretch like me,
A tiny speck of nothingness,
But ‘InYou’ I can be.
All that You have purposed.
All that You ordain,
Still searching out Your Wonder,
Even after so much rain.

Thank you for all Seasons,
All encounters on my way,
Even those that stripped my heart,
Helped me learn to pray.
Thank you for my children,
All that I have cared for
Thank you for this humble home,
More than I had ever dared for.

Undeserving, is my stance,
But Lord, I Love You So,
Such a work in progress daily
Don’t ever let me go.
How beautiful this day has been,
The breeze, the sun, and You,
Filling , spilling down such Grace,
As only God can do




Be with her,
even though...
That she may know,
and I pray,
Love finds a way.

Jesus is waiting,
Arms opened wide.
In spite of,
Despite of,
the world.

Bloodied and thorned.
Gods Grace adorned.
Be with her,
Forgive her,

They know not,
What they do,
To You.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One On One

If I can just reach one heart,
through Jesus, in His Name,
Catch a tear before it falls,
soothe a little pain.
Watch a flower blossom,
A smile, some sun, some Joy.
Little things, but Giant,
to a love starved girl or boy.

If I can just hold one hand,
as Jesus holds my own.
When the world comes crashing in,
and nothing feels like home.
When everyone’s a stranger,
passing through and by.
One Hand is ever Faithful,
grab hold and learn to fly.

If I can just say one word,
To brighten up your day.
Not me, but from the Savior,
then this is all I pray.
One heart, one hand, one word of good,
against a world of sin.
One on one, the battle's won,
God's workmanship begins.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Angel Tears

When all the world is hurting
and even angels cry,
I lift my heart to heaven,
To know the reason why.
I don’t pretend to understand,
God’s ways are not of man,
But I do know,
He loves us so,
and always,
Has a plan.

Nothing ever happens,
unless He wills it so.
Rest in Him, find Peace in Him.
Be Still, let God, Let go.
Drink in all the wonder,
Refocus on the good.
Everything will fall in place.
Exactly as it should.

Children of The Father,
Believe, Receive, in Grace.
Our God is ever Faithful,
To all who seek His Face.
Miracles are out there,
Healings every day.
Washed in Heaven’s Holy tears.
Love will find a way.



Psalm 46:10,
'Be Still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.'

Just As I Am

I have permission,
Just to be me.
As God created,
All I can be.
Imperfect, and humble,
but that’s O. K
God’s work in progress,
He made me that way.

I have permission,
To see good in all.
God dusts me off,
Whenever I fall.
Sometimes in shreds,
but I think it’s fine.
Poured out, refilled,
With Sparkling New Wine.

I have permission,
by Grace and with Love.
To live every day,
Blessed from above.
Sunshine and birdsong,
Blossoms and streams,
Children and laughter,
Visions and Dreams.

God gives us permission.
to Love and to live.
Learn from it all,
See beyond, and forgive.
Paid for in full
by The Blood of the Lamb.
Jesus, who Loves me
Just as I am.


Romans 12:2,
'And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.'

Monday, September 14, 2009

Count The Stars

Gonna hide away awhile,
Leave the world behind.
Pretend it isn’t out there,
Only Holy find.
and sunshine
Sweet grass cooled with dew
Hummingbirds and butterflies.
Pretty things, of You.

Breezes blowing,
Brooks of melted snow,
Back to You,
To be made new.
All of this,
Let go

Pray a while,
and stay awhile,
Out of all the madness
Simple things
That bless my heart.
Cleanse my soul,
From sadness.

Count the stars at midnight,
Watch the sun go down,
Hear the music in the breeze,
Glory all around.
Find some peace,
Reclaim joy,
Yours and mine to find.
Gonna hide away a while.
and leave this world behind.



Sunday, September 13, 2009


Sometimes we have to let things go,
To let them fly back home.
Bent and bruised, for His Names Sake,
In a world that’s not my own.
We wonder why,
we ever try,
long to leave this place.
Another voice,
Stand strong , Rejoice.
I am still here,
with Grace.

Grace to soothe the wounded.
Grace to steep the flow.
Grace to gather up my sheep,
For all the world to know.
I am the Sheperd.
Holy One.
My lambs are mine to hold.
No height, or depth.
Life or death.
Will keep them from My fold.

The world will go on turning.
Tear down the hearts of men.
But Grace and Love, will overcome,
The sun still shines, Amen.
We live and learn.
Shine on , and yearn,
For a brighter, better day.
Hope lives on,
Fears are gone.
God will always find a way.


‘ I am the way, the truth and the life.’ Jesus.

All Of You

When I am alone.
You are with me.
When I despair.
You are there
When I am lost
Lord, You find me.
Lift me,
to breathe in
clean air.

When I am weary.
You hold me.
When I am sad.
We can smile.
When I am broken
Remold me.
Hide me away for a while.

When I am afraid.
You are courage.
When I am weak.
You are strong.
When I am foolish
Your Wisdom abounds
keeping me,
where I belong.

Jesus, I love you,
Walk with me.
I know there is much yet to do.
Hold me and guide me
Stay right beside me
All of my strength is in You.

Anything good,
Anything pure,
Anything worthy or true.
I am a sinner.
A child,
A beginner.
Nothing of me.
All of You.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Sing to me sweet Jesus.
Lull me into sleep.
Let me hide beneath your wings,
where my soul doth keep.
Dream me to the ocean,
to breathe the salted air,
dip my toes into the sea,
breezes through my hair.
Dream me to the mountain tops,
where the eagles soar.
Dance with me,
through morning fields,
until I dance no more.
Dream me to my Fathers arms.
Dream me into Light.
Dream me into perfect Peace.
Rest my heart this night.

Philippians 4:8,

'Finally brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are lovely,whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.'

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Dust to dirt,
Hurt on hurt.
A flower picked too soon.
Petals torn,
Children born.
Pain and heartbreak strewn.

and Sunshine,
on the darkest day.
Blue sky,
in the rain.
Saviour of the world,
Hope ,
is born again.

The God of second chances,
Takes the petals one by one
Grafts them back to start again
Through the Healing of His Son.

Lovingly and gently,
Washed in Tears of Grace.
Each Rose will learn to blossom.
One day , to find it’s place.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Precious Jesus

Precious Jesus,
Hold me.
Throughout the coming storm.
Empower me and strengthen me,
For I am frayed and worn.
I’m not so good at standing firm,
My heart gets in the way.
Temper me with wisdom Lord
Give me words to say.

Precious Jesus,
Hold the lost.
Children of the night.
Keep them safe,
Bring them back,
Into Your cleansing light.

Precious Jesus,
wash us clean
All have gone astray,
Bring us back to honor you.
In all we do and say.
It isn’t always easy, and it isn’t always fair,
but Your word holds the answer,
to every heartfelt prayer.

Precious Jesus,
Teach the world,
A better way of living.
In Light and Love, and Righteousness.
Grace on Grace, forgiving.
Drench us in the blood of Christ,
In Jesus name, Shine through
Hold us all,
In Holy hands.
All Glory, Lord
To You.
2 Corinthians 12:9,

‘My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.’

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This Day

This is the day that The Lord has made.
I will praise His Name.
Give my all to serve Him well,
through the storms and rain.
In the sunshine of my heart,
I can see Him smile,
and when I become weary,
rest in Him awhile.

This is the day that The Lord has made.
I can, I will, Rejoice.
Every day Hope finds it’s way,
through Love, God’s quiet voice.
Gently shining in His Light.
The Path of Joy in sorrow.
Rainbows softly shimmer down,
the promise of tomorrow.

This is the day The Lord has made.
Shower in His Grace.
Live each moment, full and rich.
Visions of His Face.
Search for Wisdom, in all things.
The simple, pure, and true.
Each day a page to read and turn,
written just for you.

So smile, Rejoice, this is the day.
Let go, let God, let be.
Wonder waits to be unwrapped.
Love runs sweet and free.
Dress your heart in scarlet threads,
glittering the Earth.
Laugh, and sing in Jesus’ Name.
and Live,
for all He’s worth.


Psalm 136:1,
‘O Give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good ; for his mercy endureth for ever.’


Monday, August 24, 2009

Night Dance

So many stars are shining,
Like diamonds strung up high,
Silhouettes and pirouettes..
Dancing in the sky.
Can you hear the music?
Playing light and fair.
Close your eyes, and drift in love.
Jesus dances there.

Someday I’ll dance with Him.
Safe within His arms.
Free from all the snares of life,
All the worldly charms.
Time will have no meaning.
Pain will have no place.
Children will be dancing too.
Joy on every face.

So many stars are shining,
Like diamonds strung up high,
Silhouettes and pirouettes..
Dancing in the sky.
Can you hear the music?
Playing light and fair.
Close your eyes, and drift in love.
Jesus dances there.


Sunday, August 23, 2009


Some days the world can seem so harsh,
and other times so cool.
Hard to find the reason,
or some meaning to it all.

Then I think of Jesus,
and know that I am fine.
He never said it would be easy,
for the Ones He stamped with‘Mine’.

I think of all we did to Him.
All the pain endured.
Just because He loves me so,
and then I am assured.

I may stumble on the road sometimes,
Fall flat on my face.
But here’s the deal,
My God is real,
and I will run this race.

More than here,
much more than now,
more than any mortal soul.
I live in service to my Lord,
His Glory,
Is the goal.

So bring it on,
My God is strong.
The Almighty.
King of Kings.
I will go on smiling,
Whatever life may bring.

We still have mountains yet to climb.
Oceans yet to part.
Sunshine in the midst of all.
Where God shines in my heart.

Peace amidst the turmoil.
Joy within the sorrow.
Grace to wash away the dirt,
and His Promise,
In tomorrow.

Galations 4:28,
‘Now we ,brethren, as Isaac was, are the children of promise.’

Of Love

It isn’t really complicated.
Love, is love, is love.
Nothing very hard to do.
A Gift from God above.
Of no denomination.
No color and no class.
Just love so pure and beautiful,
that’s all that my God asks.

Come to the table as you are.
God will pour the wine.
God will shape the vessel.
Off shoots of the vine.

Wealth is not in money.
Righteousness no cost
Religion is not Sunday.
Love is for the lost.

Love is for the broken.
Love is for the weak.
Love is for the dirty.
Love is how God speaks.

It isn’t for the chosen few.
The world has made it so.
Love, is love, is love, is love.
His Spirit, and His Glow.

Open up the frightened heart.
Give them eyes to see.
Ears to hear, a song to sing.
Jesus died for me.

It isn’t really complicated.
Love, is love, is love.
Nothing very hard to do.
A Gift from God above.
Of no denomination
No color and no class
Just love so pure and beautiful
That’s all that my God asks.

John 15:12,
'This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you'
--------------------------- Jesus.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Side By Side

There are no monsters here sweet child.
No cause for any running wild.
No cause to fight.
No cause to hide.
Just Love,
and Patience.
Side by side.

There are no demons hiding here.
No reason to be full of fear.
It’s even safe to shed a tear.
Let go, let be.
Love lives here,
and Patience.
Side by side

Four years old with all that pain.
A brother never seen again.
and all those memories remain.
Beatings, constant ,stinging rain.
Not one moment God ordained.
But someday,
I pray,
Love will Reign,
and Patience.
Side by side.


Matthew 18:5
'But whoso shall recieve one such little child in my name recieveth me.'

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


"Mondays are always hard," she said.
Children up, and out of bed.
Wash, and eat, to start the day.
On the way to school we pray,

'Help my children to succeed,
guide their actions, fill their needs.'
Kisses, waves, backpacks swinging.
Wonder what the world is bringing?

The radio plays Christian song.
Rejoicing as she drives along.
So grateful for 'Commuter Space,'
to Worship, pray, and feel His Grace.

Another role begins to play,
'Maestra', Teacher for the day.
Twenty little faces stare,
hoping someone, somewhere cares.
'Jesus fill me, let me be,
all the things You need from me.'

Five p.m. and head for home,
wondering about 'her own'.
"How was your day?" and,
"Who needs what?"
That cup of coffee hit the spot.

Dinner, Homework,
baths and bed.
Prayers and kisses 'Sleepy Head.'

A quiet ending to her day.
Time to read, and write, and pray.
Time to 'Stop', reflect, refill.
Searching out The Fathers Will.

Thankfully, she climbs in bed.
"Mondays are always hard," she said.



Guide my footsteps, Lord I pray.
Lest I fall, when ere I stray.
In every place, to give my all,
to You.

You are the Potter, and I am the clay.
Help me Dear Jesus, to stay in this day.
Sometimes so hard to be still.
All about learning.
My heart is yearning,
to know more of You and Your Will.

Guide my footsteps, Lord I pray.
Lest I fall. when ere I stray.
In every place, to give my all,
to You.

Where are You leading me,
Where are You needing me?
Sometimes so hard to discern.
All about learning
My heart is yearning,
In all things where You are concerned

Guide my footsteps, Lord I pray.
Lest I fall. when ere I stray.
In every place, to give my all,
to You.



Monday, August 10, 2009


I am,
and I can,
because You Love me.

and Giving,
For You.

With Hope,
and Joy,
and Love.

Every day,
Every way,
that I can.

I am,


Friday, August 7, 2009

Water Walking


Here we go Lord
Hand in hand.
One deep breath,
No more land.
Sink or swim,
For heavens daughter,
Here’s my hand ....
Let’s walk some water.

Here we go Lord,
boy , I’m scared.
More than I
would ever dare,
but You know me
How much I care.
So .....
Here’s my hand,
I see You there.
Let’s walk some water.

I can't do it,
without You.
Source and strength
of all I do
Almighty Father
See me through
Hold my hands
I need You to ...
Ever faithful.
Ever True.
Let’s walk some water.


Matthew 19:26,
‘But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them,
With men this is impossible;
But with God all things are possible.’


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Do you know how much I love you?
My precious blue eyed girl.
Even as a teenager,
so angry at the world.
Even lost within yourself,
Even in your strife.
Do you know how much I love you?
Enough to give my life.

Do you know how much I love you?
My son so far away.
A father to his own now,
yet to meet one day.
All caught up in family,
a baby and a wife.
Always know I love you so
Enough to give my life.

Do you know how much I love you too?
my son content to be.
Learning growing day by day,
so much yet to see.
So much still to live and learn.
So much yet to do.
So many words, unspoken.
Know, my life is there for you.

and still there is another,
Who loves you more than I.
Abba, Father, Lord of All.
Who sent His Son to die.
Know Him as your Saviour,
His Heart to fill your heart.
He will supply your every need
when I have done my part.


written on the eve of my daughters 17th,
for my children, with love ………



Sometimes Lord it’s really hard,
Just to keep on walking,
Sometimes, it becomes a task,
to even go on talking.
Sometimes life gets really old,
always such a climb
But sometimes it is beautiful,
the moments, You are mine.

Sometimes we let go Lord,
and sometimes we lose sight.
Sometimes just so weary
Nothing going right,
and other times
We lay it down
The way you tell us to
and those times,
Full of wonder
Are those moments
Full of You

Sometimes Lord we get it right.
Sometimes we are lost
Most times we just stay afloat
Storm and troubles tossed
Sometimes firmly on the Rock
Sometimes shifting Sand
Sinners all, and wanderers,
but always in Your Hands.

Help us Lord to hold on tight.
Help us bring You Glory
Help us with Obedience
Help us tell Your Story.
All fall short,
and all fall down
Sometimes really far
With eyes to see and ears to hear
Show us where we are

My prayer is for the sometimes.
When we feel so far from home.
Help us Lord, to find our way
In those times, not alone
Sometimes are a stepping stone
Sometimes hold a view
Sometimes are just hidden trails
Closer yet, to You.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Write me a song,
Of sweetness and light.
Love overwhelming.
Everything right.
Hope where there is none.
Joy in the sorrow.
Write me a song,
of a brighter tomorrow.

Sing me a song
Of pure harmony,
Where you can be you,
and I can be me
Where children are children
Love rules the heart.
Warring is over.
Fear plays no part.

Children will know it,
and Angels will sing.
Jesus will smile.
Church Bells will ring.
The righteous will stand.
The humble rejoice.
Every note sung,
into One blessed voice.

Sing me the tune,
As I drift into sleep.
All through the night,
The melody keep .
To fill up my heart,
As each honeyed note plays.
Sweet Music to live in,
and dance for each day.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A New Day

Lord cover us in Your Peace,
Like a misty English morning.
Green and Still,
Gently embalming,
and when the mist clears,
A New Day.

Move in the hearts of Your people,
To heal, and to stand,
In Your Name.
For Your Glory.
Vengeance is not ours to feel.
We walk by Grace.
and there will be,
A New Day.

A Sowers Prayer

I want to make a difference,
For the Master that I serve.
Through Him, in Him , for Him,
So much more than I deserve.

I want to make a difference,
In the life of one young child,
The elderly, the sick, the poor,
the addict running wild.

The homeless and the hungry.
The child who has no shoes.
The hurting and the dying Lord,
who need to know of You

I want to make a difference.
To live in Jesus Name.
Really, truly, pressing on.
Not just self righteous gain.

Help me Father,
I will learn.
Give me skills to use.
This world is full of heartache,
Evil and abuse.

I want to make a difference,
For the One who first loved me.
Someone who gave her ‘all ’ to Him,
Who gave me eyes to see.

Someone who gave her ‘all’ to them.
His children every one.
Help me sow Your Seeds of Love.
before my race is run.


Matthew 13:18,
'Hear ye therefore the parable of the sower.'

The Color Of Water

God is the color of water.
The same skin as every man.
He talks in every language,
Universally, ‘I Am.’

God is the color of water.
For the wealthy and the poor.
He is of no denomination.
All can knock on Heavens Door.

God is the color of water.
Every life a Work of Art.
Every soul to thirst for Jesus.
Living Water for the heart.

God is the color of water.
Raining Grace on every Nation,
Jesus Died and Rose Again,
to offer all Mankind Salvation.

Still The God Of Miracles

I have seen my Lord move mountains.
I have known Him make a way.
Part the waves, despite the world,
all I did was pray.

Miracles still happen,
Every single day.
Quietly He Blesses those,
who wait on Him, and pray.

Sometimes a testing of our Faith.
All we have left is prayer.
Consider every rainbow,
Assurance, 'He is' there.

Believe, He still moves mountains.
Believe, He clears the way.
He is still the God of Miracles.
Draw nigh, hold fast, and pray.

Matthew 17:20,
'If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.'

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Days Of Summer

Bare feet.
Tanned skin.
Days of Summer.

God is good.
God is here.
Calling in the breeze,
Watching through the trees.
Painting the valley floor with blossom.
Filling the air with Heavens fragrance.

Smiling in the waters reflection,
as His lowly daughter swims.
Refreshing her spirit, washing her clean.
Ripple upon ripple.
Thank you upon thank you,
for Blessing upon Blessing.
the chance to 'run free',
'His child' in me.
in these precious Days,
of Summer.

Somebody Loves You

Somebody Loves you.
Just as you are.
No matter what.

Somebody Loves you.
All the time.
Every minute.
Every day.

Jesus Loves you.

Enough to be ridiculed.
Enough to be spat upon.
Enough to be beaten.
Enough to be scourged.
Enough to die for you.

Just because He Loves you.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Poet

From my heart,
through the pen,
to the page
I write.

Of Love,
of Praise,
of Salvation.

To share,
and Honor
my Lord.

His message,
whispers down
into words.


From my heart,
through the pen,
I serve.

A Sinners Prayer

Forgive me when I cause offense,
by anything I say.
Forgive me when I make no time,
to share with You today.
Forgive me when my mind is full,
of earthly things to do.
Cleanse my heart, from all of me,
that I may fill with You.


Behold My King

Behold my King.

In the darkest corner of Bethlehem,
A Child Is Born.
Quietly loved into being,
The Savior of The World.


Behold my King,
and what we did,
To Him.
Lamb of God.
Precious Grace.


Behold my King.
In the eyes of a child.
A mothers love.
Selfless hearts.
Humbled souls.
He Lives,



Behold my King.
Riding through the ashes of the world,
on Heavens Stallion.
He will come again.

No more a crown of thorns,
In Glory.
The Bright and Morning Star,


Behold my King.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Midnight Oil

Loving on my Lord,
burning the midnight oil.
The One who keeps me going,
when life becomes a toil.

All the land is sleeping,
God is ever near.
Whispering encouragement,
that only I can hear.

Smiling as I yawn and type,
the work I must complete.
Reminding me, this too shall pass,
so devoid of sleep.

Reflecting now on all the times,
my God has carried me.
When I couldn’t find the tunnels end,
He shone His Light to see.

Reflecting on the wonder,
of today that flew on by.
Gazing at the velvet night.
Heaven’s diamonds in the sky

Breathing in His Essence,
Embraced in peace and calm.
time to quit the midnight oil,
and melt,
within His arms.



Thursday, July 16, 2009

Love Song

Tho I may be weary,
Poor, and nothing fine.
I have wealth beyond all measure,
within this heart of mine,

For I see the Face of Jesus,
In every act of Love
Every human hand held out
His Hand, my Lord, above.

I have learned the things that matter,
are not the things of man,
But the Blessings of my Saviour.
In Him, I know, I can.

Climb the tallest mountains,
Scale the highest walls.
Believe , receive, walk in Faith.
Even when I fall.

Dancing barefoot in the rain,
What’ere this world may bring.
Rejoicing in The Spirit.
With Love songs to a King.

Forgiven by His Sacred Blood.
Showered in His Grace.
Treasure shining deep within,
with eyes to see His Face.



Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just A Prayer Away

Dear Lord, I wish I understood,
everything I feel.
I don’t,
or won’t.
or shan’t.
Upon The Rock
I kneel.

Help me to be mindful,
You are always in control.
Be still and know that I am God,
The hardest of all goals.

All in perfect timing,
Pages of my story.
Written by the King of Kings,
That my life brings Him Glory.

All things work together,
For those who seek His Face.
Clouds and stormy weather.
A part of His Embrace.

Arms outstretched to Heaven,
When help seems far away.
My Rock.
My Staff.
Sword and Shield.
Stay with me
I pray.

So peaceful bathing in His Love.
Cleansed by Holy Grace.
Restored, revived , refreshed, refilled
Sweet visions of His Face.

Upon The Rock,
I kneel and pray,
pour out my every tear.
Redemption found.
Faith abounds,
Jesus drawing near.

Thank you Lord,
For Loving me.
For gentle supervision.
Source of Living Water.
All of Your Provision.
Forgive me
when I crumble Lord
Forgive me
when I stray
Help me to remember.
You are just a prayer away.


'and ,lo,I am with you always, even until the end of the world'. Jesus.

Author... Elizabeth

Friday, July 10, 2009

In Jesus Name

I believe in sunshine,
and I believe in Love.
The Greatest Gift,
within my heart,
Washed clean by Jesus’ Blood.
I believe in smiling,
as God smiled down on me,
Nothing special to behold,
yet I am Blessed and Free.

I believe in wiping tears,
Watching children play.
The magic of their laughter,
As sorrows fall away.
I believe in hopes and dreams.
Miracles and living.
Every precious moment,
a chance to go on giving.

I believe , when hope is gone,
God will Bless the broken.
He who hears our every prayer,
within the heart unspoken.
Reclaim your dreams, in Jesus name.
Pray, Rejoice, Forgive.
See the Sunshine, through the rain,
and Smile,
and Love,
and Live.



The Music Of My Heart

There You are,
when I close my eyes.
Arms outstretched,
opened wide.
Drawing me.
One who gave His Life to be,
The Music of my heart.

There You are,
Standing Tall.
Lifting me,
above it all.
Joy and Hope,
Dancing life,
in step with You,
The Music of my heart.

There You are,
to set me down.
My feet once more,
on Hallowed Ground.
to Heaven's sound,
His instrument,
so gladly bound.
The Music of my heart.

written by Elizabeth

Blue Jeans And A Smile

Another work week over,
such a week of trials.
Peeling off her worldly skin,
in her heart she smiles.

Kicking off the shoes of life,
wiggling her toes.
Turning up the music,
lost in Heavens glow.

Blue jeans,
dancing to Gods beat.
Nothing fancy here,
but in her heart she feels so Blessed,
knowing God is near.

Mountains, flowers,
birds and beasts.
Watching eagles soar.
Breath of Heaven in her hair.
fills her more.

written by Elizabeth

How Great Thou Art

How Great Thou Art my Lord,
To jewel the velvet night.
Candles lighting Heavens Truth,
Hope to set man right.

How Great Thou Art my Lord,
Setting boundaries for the sea.
Faithful, daily, salted tides.
The world to cleanse in Thee.

How Great Thou Art my Lord.
Exquisite Canvas given.
A golden sun, blood red at night,
That earth may be forgiven.

How Great Thou Art my Lord.
Creator. Majesty.
Holy Author of 'The Book of Life',
and, 'Book of Love' for me.

How Great Thou Art.

written by Elizabeth


The Woman You are molding Lord,
is learning how to view.
The things of heartfelt value,
the debt incurred to you.

The prayers to have a thankful heart.
Not answered overnight.
The prayers to find The Path again,
refocus on The Light.

The woman You are molding Lord,
Daily, from within,
is bathed in Love and Holy Grace.
The price once paid for sin.

So many things unchangeable.
So many things to smart.
All Hope,All Joy
All life in You.
The Molding of her heart.

written by Elizabeth

God So Loved The World

The Angels lulled the Heavens,
and stars lit up the sky.
The night God sent His Son to earth,
Born for us, to die.

I wonder how He felt that night,
Watching from above.
No room at the inn,
For His precious gift of Love.

So quietly and tenderly,
The image in my heart.
The Saviour of the World,
Eternal candle in the dark.

A tiny baby crying
In a stable so forlorn.
Lamb of God, Messiah.
The Reason He was born.

God shone 'His' Light where Jesus lay.
to say,’Behold my Son.’
I wonder if His heart was torn,
The moment it was done.


John 3:16,
'For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have eternal life.'

written by Elizabeth

For It All

Turquoise Heavens, pink and grey,
the perfect end to a long hot day.
Lifting humble hands to pray,
'Thank you, for it all.'

Every moment, good or bad.
Every feeling, happy, sad.
Every set back, every goal.
Every time God touched my soul.
'Thank you for it all.'

I close my eyes to see His Face.
Safe, at peace in His Embrace.
Nothing else has any place.
Jesus pouring Holy Grace.
'Thank you, for it all.'

With me, when my spirit soars.
With me, when she cries no more.
With me, through the thick and thin.
With me, stumbling through my sin.
'Thank you, for it all.'

When I fall upon His Feet.
Home at last, the Race complete.
Dare to lift my face to see,
the One who always carried me.

I will whisper through my tears to Thee.
'Thank you, for it all.'

written by Elizabeth

Facing Giants

With His arms beneath us,
Who shall we fear?
My God, the Almighty
Standing so near.

Tho I may tremble,
His temple still stands.
Firm in conviction,
Of A much Greater Plan.

One day at a time Lord,
You are my King.
Precious Redeemer,
For all Satan brings.

Seeds for the Kingdom,
Blessed from above.
Still sowing,
Still serving,
My Saviour ,
in Love.


Ephesians 6:10,
'Finally my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.'


with thanks to a friend for helping me stand, and to God, who is always in control.

written by Elizabeth


Dear Lord,
Why did you give me such a heart?
It just keeps getting ripped, restored, and then ripped again,
and I don’t know why.

but, I go on with You.
The only thing that makes sense.
The only way I know how to be.
The only way I want to be.
The only way I can.

and He said,
because you love Me.
because there is much work to be done.
because it is not about your heart,
It is all about Mine.