Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A New Day

Lord cover us in Your Peace,
Like a misty English morning.
Green and Still,
Gently embalming,
and when the mist clears,
A New Day.

Move in the hearts of Your people,
To heal, and to stand,
In Your Name.
For Your Glory.
Vengeance is not ours to feel.
We walk by Grace.
and there will be,
A New Day.

A Sowers Prayer

I want to make a difference,
For the Master that I serve.
Through Him, in Him , for Him,
So much more than I deserve.

I want to make a difference,
In the life of one young child,
The elderly, the sick, the poor,
the addict running wild.

The homeless and the hungry.
The child who has no shoes.
The hurting and the dying Lord,
who need to know of You

I want to make a difference.
To live in Jesus Name.
Really, truly, pressing on.
Not just self righteous gain.

Help me Father,
I will learn.
Give me skills to use.
This world is full of heartache,
Evil and abuse.

I want to make a difference,
For the One who first loved me.
Someone who gave her ‘all ’ to Him,
Who gave me eyes to see.

Someone who gave her ‘all’ to them.
His children every one.
Help me sow Your Seeds of Love.
before my race is run.


Matthew 13:18,
'Hear ye therefore the parable of the sower.'

The Color Of Water

God is the color of water.
The same skin as every man.
He talks in every language,
Universally, ‘I Am.’

God is the color of water.
For the wealthy and the poor.
He is of no denomination.
All can knock on Heavens Door.

God is the color of water.
Every life a Work of Art.
Every soul to thirst for Jesus.
Living Water for the heart.

God is the color of water.
Raining Grace on every Nation,
Jesus Died and Rose Again,
to offer all Mankind Salvation.

Still The God Of Miracles

I have seen my Lord move mountains.
I have known Him make a way.
Part the waves, despite the world,
all I did was pray.

Miracles still happen,
Every single day.
Quietly He Blesses those,
who wait on Him, and pray.

Sometimes a testing of our Faith.
All we have left is prayer.
Consider every rainbow,
Assurance, 'He is' there.

Believe, He still moves mountains.
Believe, He clears the way.
He is still the God of Miracles.
Draw nigh, hold fast, and pray.

Matthew 17:20,
'If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.'

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Days Of Summer

Bare feet.
Tanned skin.
Days of Summer.

God is good.
God is here.
Calling in the breeze,
Watching through the trees.
Painting the valley floor with blossom.
Filling the air with Heavens fragrance.

Smiling in the waters reflection,
as His lowly daughter swims.
Refreshing her spirit, washing her clean.
Ripple upon ripple.
Thank you upon thank you,
for Blessing upon Blessing.
the chance to 'run free',
'His child' in me.
in these precious Days,
of Summer.

Somebody Loves You

Somebody Loves you.
Just as you are.
No matter what.

Somebody Loves you.
All the time.
Every minute.
Every day.

Jesus Loves you.

Enough to be ridiculed.
Enough to be spat upon.
Enough to be beaten.
Enough to be scourged.
Enough to die for you.

Just because He Loves you.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Poet

From my heart,
through the pen,
to the page
I write.

Of Love,
of Praise,
of Salvation.

To share,
and Honor
my Lord.

His message,
whispers down
into words.


From my heart,
through the pen,
I serve.

A Sinners Prayer

Forgive me when I cause offense,
by anything I say.
Forgive me when I make no time,
to share with You today.
Forgive me when my mind is full,
of earthly things to do.
Cleanse my heart, from all of me,
that I may fill with You.


Behold My King

Behold my King.

In the darkest corner of Bethlehem,
A Child Is Born.
Quietly loved into being,
The Savior of The World.


Behold my King,
and what we did,
To Him.
Lamb of God.
Precious Grace.


Behold my King.
In the eyes of a child.
A mothers love.
Selfless hearts.
Humbled souls.
He Lives,



Behold my King.
Riding through the ashes of the world,
on Heavens Stallion.
He will come again.

No more a crown of thorns,
In Glory.
The Bright and Morning Star,


Behold my King.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Midnight Oil

Loving on my Lord,
burning the midnight oil.
The One who keeps me going,
when life becomes a toil.

All the land is sleeping,
God is ever near.
Whispering encouragement,
that only I can hear.

Smiling as I yawn and type,
the work I must complete.
Reminding me, this too shall pass,
so devoid of sleep.

Reflecting now on all the times,
my God has carried me.
When I couldn’t find the tunnels end,
He shone His Light to see.

Reflecting on the wonder,
of today that flew on by.
Gazing at the velvet night.
Heaven’s diamonds in the sky

Breathing in His Essence,
Embraced in peace and calm.
time to quit the midnight oil,
and melt,
within His arms.



Thursday, July 16, 2009

Love Song

Tho I may be weary,
Poor, and nothing fine.
I have wealth beyond all measure,
within this heart of mine,

For I see the Face of Jesus,
In every act of Love
Every human hand held out
His Hand, my Lord, above.

I have learned the things that matter,
are not the things of man,
But the Blessings of my Saviour.
In Him, I know, I can.

Climb the tallest mountains,
Scale the highest walls.
Believe , receive, walk in Faith.
Even when I fall.

Dancing barefoot in the rain,
What’ere this world may bring.
Rejoicing in The Spirit.
With Love songs to a King.

Forgiven by His Sacred Blood.
Showered in His Grace.
Treasure shining deep within,
with eyes to see His Face.



Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just A Prayer Away

Dear Lord, I wish I understood,
everything I feel.
I don’t,
or won’t.
or shan’t.
Upon The Rock
I kneel.

Help me to be mindful,
You are always in control.
Be still and know that I am God,
The hardest of all goals.

All in perfect timing,
Pages of my story.
Written by the King of Kings,
That my life brings Him Glory.

All things work together,
For those who seek His Face.
Clouds and stormy weather.
A part of His Embrace.

Arms outstretched to Heaven,
When help seems far away.
My Rock.
My Staff.
Sword and Shield.
Stay with me
I pray.

So peaceful bathing in His Love.
Cleansed by Holy Grace.
Restored, revived , refreshed, refilled
Sweet visions of His Face.

Upon The Rock,
I kneel and pray,
pour out my every tear.
Redemption found.
Faith abounds,
Jesus drawing near.

Thank you Lord,
For Loving me.
For gentle supervision.
Source of Living Water.
All of Your Provision.
Forgive me
when I crumble Lord
Forgive me
when I stray
Help me to remember.
You are just a prayer away.


'and ,lo,I am with you always, even until the end of the world'. Jesus.

Author... Elizabeth

Friday, July 10, 2009

In Jesus Name

I believe in sunshine,
and I believe in Love.
The Greatest Gift,
within my heart,
Washed clean by Jesus’ Blood.
I believe in smiling,
as God smiled down on me,
Nothing special to behold,
yet I am Blessed and Free.

I believe in wiping tears,
Watching children play.
The magic of their laughter,
As sorrows fall away.
I believe in hopes and dreams.
Miracles and living.
Every precious moment,
a chance to go on giving.

I believe , when hope is gone,
God will Bless the broken.
He who hears our every prayer,
within the heart unspoken.
Reclaim your dreams, in Jesus name.
Pray, Rejoice, Forgive.
See the Sunshine, through the rain,
and Smile,
and Love,
and Live.



The Music Of My Heart

There You are,
when I close my eyes.
Arms outstretched,
opened wide.
Drawing me.
One who gave His Life to be,
The Music of my heart.

There You are,
Standing Tall.
Lifting me,
above it all.
Joy and Hope,
Dancing life,
in step with You,
The Music of my heart.

There You are,
to set me down.
My feet once more,
on Hallowed Ground.
to Heaven's sound,
His instrument,
so gladly bound.
The Music of my heart.

written by Elizabeth

Blue Jeans And A Smile

Another work week over,
such a week of trials.
Peeling off her worldly skin,
in her heart she smiles.

Kicking off the shoes of life,
wiggling her toes.
Turning up the music,
lost in Heavens glow.

Blue jeans,
dancing to Gods beat.
Nothing fancy here,
but in her heart she feels so Blessed,
knowing God is near.

Mountains, flowers,
birds and beasts.
Watching eagles soar.
Breath of Heaven in her hair.
fills her more.

written by Elizabeth

How Great Thou Art

How Great Thou Art my Lord,
To jewel the velvet night.
Candles lighting Heavens Truth,
Hope to set man right.

How Great Thou Art my Lord,
Setting boundaries for the sea.
Faithful, daily, salted tides.
The world to cleanse in Thee.

How Great Thou Art my Lord.
Exquisite Canvas given.
A golden sun, blood red at night,
That earth may be forgiven.

How Great Thou Art my Lord.
Creator. Majesty.
Holy Author of 'The Book of Life',
and, 'Book of Love' for me.

How Great Thou Art.

written by Elizabeth


The Woman You are molding Lord,
is learning how to view.
The things of heartfelt value,
the debt incurred to you.

The prayers to have a thankful heart.
Not answered overnight.
The prayers to find The Path again,
refocus on The Light.

The woman You are molding Lord,
Daily, from within,
is bathed in Love and Holy Grace.
The price once paid for sin.

So many things unchangeable.
So many things to smart.
All Hope,All Joy
All life in You.
The Molding of her heart.

written by Elizabeth

God So Loved The World

The Angels lulled the Heavens,
and stars lit up the sky.
The night God sent His Son to earth,
Born for us, to die.

I wonder how He felt that night,
Watching from above.
No room at the inn,
For His precious gift of Love.

So quietly and tenderly,
The image in my heart.
The Saviour of the World,
Eternal candle in the dark.

A tiny baby crying
In a stable so forlorn.
Lamb of God, Messiah.
The Reason He was born.

God shone 'His' Light where Jesus lay.
to say,’Behold my Son.’
I wonder if His heart was torn,
The moment it was done.


John 3:16,
'For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have eternal life.'

written by Elizabeth

For It All

Turquoise Heavens, pink and grey,
the perfect end to a long hot day.
Lifting humble hands to pray,
'Thank you, for it all.'

Every moment, good or bad.
Every feeling, happy, sad.
Every set back, every goal.
Every time God touched my soul.
'Thank you for it all.'

I close my eyes to see His Face.
Safe, at peace in His Embrace.
Nothing else has any place.
Jesus pouring Holy Grace.
'Thank you, for it all.'

With me, when my spirit soars.
With me, when she cries no more.
With me, through the thick and thin.
With me, stumbling through my sin.
'Thank you, for it all.'

When I fall upon His Feet.
Home at last, the Race complete.
Dare to lift my face to see,
the One who always carried me.

I will whisper through my tears to Thee.
'Thank you, for it all.'

written by Elizabeth

Facing Giants

With His arms beneath us,
Who shall we fear?
My God, the Almighty
Standing so near.

Tho I may tremble,
His temple still stands.
Firm in conviction,
Of A much Greater Plan.

One day at a time Lord,
You are my King.
Precious Redeemer,
For all Satan brings.

Seeds for the Kingdom,
Blessed from above.
Still sowing,
Still serving,
My Saviour ,
in Love.


Ephesians 6:10,
'Finally my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.'


with thanks to a friend for helping me stand, and to God, who is always in control.

written by Elizabeth


Dear Lord,
Why did you give me such a heart?
It just keeps getting ripped, restored, and then ripped again,
and I don’t know why.

but, I go on with You.
The only thing that makes sense.
The only way I know how to be.
The only way I want to be.
The only way I can.

and He said,
because you love Me.
because there is much work to be done.
because it is not about your heart,
It is all about Mine.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Mothers Prayer

Jesus hold my children,
Encircled by Your arms.
Protect and guard their tender hearts,
Away from Worldly harm.
Keep them safe and healthy,
Walking by Your side.
Strong, but always humble,
Free from foolish pride.

Jesus hold my children,
Every minute, every day.
Fill them with Your Presence,
Teach them of Your Way.
To learn of Godly Value,
In everything they do.
Help me Lord, to raise them up,
To Love and Honor You.


------------------(revisited for Mothers Day.)
Blessings to Moms everywhere!
with love.......


Beautiful Savior,
I see You.
When I wake,
when I sleep,
and all the moments in-between.
You Smile,
You Love,
and bless my heart,
with Hope.

Holiest Essence,
cover me,
bathe me.
Gently broken,
poured out,
and restored.
Moment by moment,
in thought, deed and word,
with Purpose.

Alpha Omega,
beginning and end.
Author, Creator.
All knowing,
Father of All.
I fall at Your feet ,
in Awe,
With my life.

Beloved Lamb Of God

There he hung in place of me.
Scourged and beaten endlessly,
Left to die.
Spat upon,
by passers by.
Beloved Lamb of God.

Ransomed on the Sinners Tree,
Crucified that I walk free.
Scarlet dawn.
Sacred blood.
The veil is torn.
Beloved Lamb of God.

One heart, One life, One death, One plan.
The Hand of Grace to every man.
Bruised ,
Mercy pours ,
through open doors.
Beloved Lamb of God.

Tearing Down Walls

Her eyes plead, ‘Could you love me?
Despite the mess I’ve made.’
Her head bowed as she hides the tears,
So needing to be brave.

Dirty cold and full of fear.
The child within a child.
A little girl all tangled up.
Hurt and heartbreak piled.

Condemnation all around
Yet no one here is Holy.
A world refined at throwing stones,
at the broken and the lowly.

Lord I pray for Wisdom,
Compassion in us all.
One moment at a time,
Tearing down the walls.


John 8:7,
'He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.'


Lord, help me in my Daily Walk,
To truly shine for You.
Not just a voice,
that shouts,'Rejoice.'
but by the things I do.

Some moments it is easy.
Some moments lost, then found.
and so I pray,
to find a way,
that Your Love may abound.

Without Love there is nothing,
without Love, just a sham.
When Jesus died,
and Heaven cried,
it was Your Love for man.

Lord, help me when I stumble,
so seeking Your direction.
Let Your Light, in me, shine true,
to mirror Your Reflection.
1 Corinthians 13:
12, 'For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as I am known.'
13, 'And now abideth faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.'

The Color Of Water

God is the color of water.
The same skin as every man.
He talks in every language,
Universally, ‘I Am.’

God is the color of water.
For the wealthy and the poor.
He is of no denomination.
All can knock on Heavens Door.

God is the color of water.
Every life a Work of Art.
Every soul to thirst for Jesus.
Living Water for the heart.

God is the color of water.
Raining Grace on every Nation,
Jesus Died and Rose Again,
to offer all Mankind Salvation.


All I am,
is all I can,
nothing more than me.
No outstanding beauty,
or genius to see.
No self made millionaire,
or,'I can do it all'.
Just me and God,
and without Him,


When He fills me,
How He Shines.
Glowing from this heart.
Radiating outwards,
through every single part.
Erasing every sadness,
watching Love transform.
In His Spirit,
I am gone,
and Beautiful
is born.


Helen Keller:
'The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.'

That The World Would Know Love

At the Cross He laid down His life,
that the world would know Love.

Bloodied and beaten,
Pierced and torn,
that the world would know Love.

Every tear,
every bead of sweat,
every drop of blood,
that the world would know Love.

Holy Lamb to the Slaughter
Spilling blood on the Altar,
Of God.

that the world would know Love.

The Magic Of A Child

Little children.

Every color,
every size,
every need,
of Him.

Loved by God.
Touched by God.
Shining His Love,
back to my heart.

Ever Thankful,
for His Magic
in their smiles.

Matthew 19:14,

'But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for such is the kingdom of heaven.'

A Womans Prayer

Forgive me Father,
all my sins.
Every part of me.
Constantly refining,
even that I do not see.

Sustain me Lord.
Life is hard,
and I am not so tough.
I want to be,
but inside me,
'her' heart cries out,

I am weak and weary Lord,
striving to be strong.
Lift me.
Guide me.
Hide 'her' well.
In You,
Where I belong.
Psalm 31:3,
'For thou art my rock and my fortress; therefore for thy names sake lead me and guide me.'

I Do Love You

I so Love You , Lord of All.
Sometimes feeling very small,
and nothing much of worth at all,
but, I do Love You Lord.

My life to please You, every day.
Quietly, Hope finds a way,
to lift my soul , extend a hand.
Nothing fancy, nothing planned,
just , I do Love You Lord.

So I serve, in hope to please.
Pray, and fall upon my knees,
When ere I think, ’How Great Thou Art,’
who chose to Bless this lowly heart,
with, I do Love You Lord.

thank you Jesus.