Sunday, September 13, 2009

All Of You

When I am alone.
You are with me.
When I despair.
You are there
When I am lost
Lord, You find me.
Lift me,
to breathe in
clean air.

When I am weary.
You hold me.
When I am sad.
We can smile.
When I am broken
Remold me.
Hide me away for a while.

When I am afraid.
You are courage.
When I am weak.
You are strong.
When I am foolish
Your Wisdom abounds
keeping me,
where I belong.

Jesus, I love you,
Walk with me.
I know there is much yet to do.
Hold me and guide me
Stay right beside me
All of my strength is in You.

Anything good,
Anything pure,
Anything worthy or true.
I am a sinner.
A child,
A beginner.
Nothing of me.
All of You.

1 comment:

  1. These sure do minister to my heart as I sit in Denver Children's Hospital....I am weary at times... I need His strength and His arms. Very comforting and reassuring :D Wondering if i could post some on my daughters FB sometime? Giving you the credit of course.... :)