Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One On One

If I can just reach one heart,
through Jesus, in His Name,
Catch a tear before it falls,
soothe a little pain.
Watch a flower blossom,
A smile, some sun, some Joy.
Little things, but Giant,
to a love starved girl or boy.

If I can just hold one hand,
as Jesus holds my own.
When the world comes crashing in,
and nothing feels like home.
When everyone’s a stranger,
passing through and by.
One Hand is ever Faithful,
grab hold and learn to fly.

If I can just say one word,
To brighten up your day.
Not me, but from the Savior,
then this is all I pray.
One heart, one hand, one word of good,
against a world of sin.
One on one, the battle's won,
God's workmanship begins.


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