Sunday, September 13, 2009


Sometimes we have to let things go,
To let them fly back home.
Bent and bruised, for His Names Sake,
In a world that’s not my own.
We wonder why,
we ever try,
long to leave this place.
Another voice,
Stand strong , Rejoice.
I am still here,
with Grace.

Grace to soothe the wounded.
Grace to steep the flow.
Grace to gather up my sheep,
For all the world to know.
I am the Sheperd.
Holy One.
My lambs are mine to hold.
No height, or depth.
Life or death.
Will keep them from My fold.

The world will go on turning.
Tear down the hearts of men.
But Grace and Love, will overcome,
The sun still shines, Amen.
We live and learn.
Shine on , and yearn,
For a brighter, better day.
Hope lives on,
Fears are gone.
God will always find a way.


‘ I am the way, the truth and the life.’ Jesus.

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