Monday, October 26, 2009


Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
The most Precious Name I know.
You know everything about me,
Even, when I’m laid so low.

You help me count my blessings.
Show me how to live.
Every day, a better way,
to Love
and to Forgive.

You fill my heart with Sunshine,
Music, Love ,and Light.
Hope and Faith throughout it all,
that ,‘All’ will be alright.

I saw Your Face this morning,
Dying on the Cross,
Blood and tears,
Despair and Fears,
Such a price, my pardon cost.

So aware of my unworthiness,
Help me, strive to be.
‘All', that You were hoping for,
When You suffered so, for me.

'All' that You are asking Lord,
that I can do my part.
and 'All' the rest, my very best,
That 'All' can know Your heart.


I Love You Lord.


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