Sunday, October 25, 2009

Every Day

Every day we make a choice,
To live for self, or be a voice.
Misunderstood, perhaps at times.
Bruised a little, nothing rhymes.
Lost a little somedays too,
but always Lord,
A voice for You.

Every day, the world comes in,
Tangled up, we fall in sin,
None perfect,
daily washed within,
To be a voice,
Of Love,
Of Him.

Everyday, an uphill climb,
Pruned and honed, The Fathers Vine,
Each leaf, so small, so green, to Shine.
The still, small voice,
Of Love.

Every day, the sun shines down.
Flowers bloom, and Grace abounds.
We have a choice, to laugh or cry.
Believe in dreams, or watch them die.
Touch the stars, in all Rejoice,
Close our hearts, or hear His Voice,
In Love


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