Sunday, October 11, 2009

In Love

If I have it all,
but have not Love.
nothing is of worth.
I may never know the wonder,
The beauty of God’s earth.
The sun that warms,
The trees that shade,
The breeze to fill my heart.
Heaven sent to touch the soul,
and just the smallest part.

If I have it all,
but have not Love,
Never can I feel,
The Peace of resting in His Arms.
The Grace, by which we heal.
The tears that fill my eyes each time,
I think upon The Cross,
All He gave,
that Love can save,
The dying and the lost.

If I have it all,
but have not Love.
How can I love you.
Pushed and pulled by want and need,
in everything we do.
Love covers each transgression,
for all fall short in time.
But Love can always find a way.
Love will always shine.

Love sings it’s tune in birdsong,
Whispers through the trees,
Carried to the ears of those,
Take heart, stand firm, Believe.
‘Lo, I am with You always'.
The Beginning and the End.
Abba Father, First and Last.
Comforter and Friend.
Holy Lamb.
Forever by your side.
Coming back in Glory, soon.
In Love, to claim my Bride.


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