Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Candle

When the world is not my friend,
I think of you, and cry.
Blessed by precious memories,
To hold until I die.
Blessed by having known you,
Blessed by knowing love,
The kind that only God bestows,
Poured down from above.

I hope someday to feel again,
The wonder of it all
But here and now,
I’m not so sure,
and feeling very small.
Someday’s, just so weary.
Spent and feeling low.
One day at a time , for Him,
The Greatest Love I know.

I think you would be smiling.
So far we have come.
but, so much yet that lies ahead,
before this race is run.
I tried to grow that backbone,
Toughen up my heart,
but then God said, be me instead.
Think He Loves that part.

I think about the pain you bore,
Every single day.
Always smiling through it all,
‘God will find a way.’
For sure He did, so long ago.
For sure He will again
You said,’Go out and spread His Word’
A Sister to all men.

You said I taught you how to love,
but I know it was God.
When the world is not our friend,
The feet of Saints are shod.
So very blessed in knowing you,
For then I found His Heart.
Shining on,
though you are gone.
My candle in the dark.


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