Monday, October 12, 2009


I heard it said of church today,
‘I don’t know where to go.’
When talking with a sister,
Single mother, feeling low.
‘My children make a noise', she said,
‘and everybody stares.
I don’t feel they will miss me,
No one really cares.’

I said I would go with her,
Wherever she may choose.
I know where she is coming from,
because I wore those shoes.
Still at times I wear them now,
but not for very long,
Jesus doesn’t care for shoes,
and all His Lambs belong.

‘Where two or more are gathered.’
The Shepherd calls His Own.
Go out into the hedgerows,
Bring His children Home.
More and more I hear that voice,
‘I don’t know where to go.’
Go to Jesus, where He is
For He Loves you so.

Leave the blind to lead the blind.
Worship with your heart.
Anywhere, God doesn’t care.
Voices in the dark.
Bring the children unto me.
Bring the sick to heal.
Glory to the King of Kings,
Give Thanks, Repent and kneel.

Kick off those shoes that never fit,
Dance barefoot in the Aisle
Let His Spirit Move, and Flow.
Watch The Father Smile.
Yes, I will go with you,
and Jesus will come too.
God is waiting,
Arms outstretched,
Because He so Loves you.


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