Sunday, October 25, 2009

Where Heaven Comes Down

The bluest of skies and the colors of Gold,
Such breathtaking beauty,
To have and to hold.
A blessing to see, to breathe in and let go,
and on the horizon, my mountains, with snow.

So many times, when the world overcomes,
God meets me right here, where the silver streams run.
Shows me my mountains,
Where Heaven comes down.
Lifts me , refills me,
With wonder around.

Soothed by the water, the bird song, the breeze.
The spotlight of God, pouring down through the trees.
Leaves fall and flutter, and care falls away.
Lord, how I need to bathe in You this day.

Squirrels play kiss chase.
A jack rabbit runs,
Butterflies dance, glittered wings in the sun.
Purple hued mountains , glistening crowns.
At one with The Father,
Where Heaven comes down.

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