Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Waiting On The Lord

Waiting on The Lord,
Is the hardest thing to do,
but in it there is Wisdom,
as He clears a path for You.

At times we feel Forsaken,
but that is not of Him.
We took our eyes off Jesus,
and the thief came waltzing in.

Often we are tested,
for something yet to come.
God shapes us,
and remakes us,
for the race still left to run.

He is ever Faithful.
His Love is ever True.
Through it all, He draws us nigh.
Holding tight to you.

Sometimes just His Garment.
and sometimes in despair,
too tangled in the thorns of life,
to see Him standing there.

Have Faith, amidst adversity.
Have Faith, and Peace of heart.
He is the God who lights the sky at night,
Caused the waves to part.

The God who paints the Sunsets.
The God who sends the rain.
The God who wrote the Book of Life,
Will make a Way, again


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