Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas With Jesus

I remember that Christmas,
so haunted with pain.
The last words you said,
“Come kiss me again.’
I remember I asked,
‘would you like me to stay?’
and you smiled,
‘I am fine,
watch our son
his school play.’

The next time I saw you,
later that night.
You didn’t see me,
and nothing was right.
So many tubes,
so much awful sound.
I cried out to God,
for His Mercy,
I found.

Witnessed your battle,
of unending pain.
Day after day,
then all over again.
I had promised to Love you,
Honor , Obey.
One final request,
not to end it, this way.

‘Let him go, let him be.’
I lay down by your side,
whispered assurance,
my heart could not hide.
‘It’s alright to go Home now,
we will be fine.
Take hold of His Hand,
and He will hold mine.
Thank you for all things.
Thank you for Love.
Spend Christmas with Jesus.
In Glory, above.’

I know you are walking,
on streets made of Gold.
Singing with Angels,
Saints young and old.
Free from this world,
with it’s heartache,
and pain.
and I know that one day,
I will see you again.

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