Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Last To Be The First

Lord move among Your People,
In Righteousness, and Prayer.
Fill us with Conviction,
That All can see You there.

Bless Your Holy Remnant,
In Jesus name I pray,
To move among Your precious lambs,
drive the wolves away.

Strengthen us, for we are few,
and weak, so full of sin.
Draw us closer,to Your Heart.
When Faith is wearing thin.

I can see Your Sacrifice.
Still nailed by men today,
and I see my Jesus,
Spat upon, along the way.


I can hear His Voice of Love,
Whispered down through You,
Forgive them, Lord Forgive them,
For they know not what they do.

This world so full of Evil.
So much suffering and Pain.
Help us to Restore your Bride,
To Honor You again.

In Gentleness, and Purity,
The last to be the first.
To offer Living Water,
For so many that still thirst.

Move among Your People Lord,
In Jesus name I pray.
Assurance in a broken world,
There will be,
A Brand New Day.

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