Saturday, December 12, 2009


Look at you now,
tugging my sleeve.
More than I had hoped for,
ever believed.
Black curls cascading,
the bluest of eyes,
giggling and sparkling,
such a Blessed surprise.

‘I’m a First Grader,
My name is Maria,
(in English so clear.)
My Mom got remarried.
My new Dad is cool.
Now I am legal,
and I go to school.’

She jumped up and down,
Full of joy, full of pride,
and I heard a soft whisper,
from somewhere inside.
‘Rejoice in Maria,
every moment worthwhile.
Miracles happen,
Just look at her smile.’

Maria, Maria,
God loves you so,
and my heart is bursting,
far more than you know.
Black curls cascading,
so prettily dressed.
Glittering Hope,
and my world,
has been Blessed.

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