Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tears For A Friend

I wish that I could tell you,
all the words I want to say.
When there is no hope left to find,
all we can do is pray.

So I pray for you my sister,
your children and your heart.
I know that God is in this too,
have known that from the start.

You came to me so long ago,
we have traveled far.
Not on any easy path,
but God knows where you are.

He knew that you would need a friend,
one who knew the deal.
Not a fair one, paved with scars,
God, and time, to heal.

When darkness comes, don’t be afraid.
I will hold your hand.
Help you any way I can.
Help you just to stand.

Life isn’t fair, or easy.
but you were blessed by love.
A kind and gentle friend to all,
Gone home to rest Above.

Be brave my dearest sister.
Be strong, and seek His Face,
and when grief overcomes you,
Let go, in His Embrace.

I know that He will help you.
and pray you will know too.
When there is no hope left to find,
God comes down to you.

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