Monday, December 14, 2009

This Time Of Year

Oh how I miss you at this time of year.
Can you see me from Heaven staying the tears.
I can’t tell the world, and I can’t tell the kids,
but I miss you so much, and the things that we did.

I buried myself in this farm,a career.
Loving the One that we both held so dear.
Providing for all, and I don’t mind that part,
but Oh how I miss, just sharing my heart.

Some one said you’d be so proud of all we have done,
by the Grace of our Savior, a race still to run.
I think you would laugh, at ‘your girl’, and her life.
but Oh how I miss, just being your wife.

Such a friendship we shared, through the good and the bad.
Loving and laughing, no time to be sad.
Through all the wonder, and through every trial.
Together In Him, making all things worthwhile.

So we put up the tree, and for all I am worth,
Celebrate Jesus, to Honor His Birth.
Pray to stay Joyful, and pray Morning will come.
This Time of Year, can be so hard, for some.

praying for all who feel this most difficult time of year........

James 4: 8
'Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.'

The Reason for the Season. The Reason for it all.
in His Love..........


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