Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Birth Of Grace

So quietly,
so calm the night.
As overhead a Star so bright,
shone to a lowly place,
and there,
The Birth of Grace.

No trumpets heralding a king,
Or gilded armies did He bring,
Just a baby , in the straw,
Born to show us all much more,
than glitzy wrappings,
wine and song.
A better place where all belong,
and Love is poured out all day long.

So quietly,
my wish for you,
Is Peace of mind in all you do.
Joy and Love,
The precious kind,
So few of us are blessed to find
Hidden in that lowly place,
of selflessness,
The Birth of Grace.

Merry Christmas to all, with love,

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Have we forgotten who He was,
that babe so long ago.
The Reason for the Season,
so many have let go.
He said,‘Fear not’
He said, ‘Hold Fast’
beware of those who come,
discrediting Gods Holy Word,
The Sacredness of One.

Have we forgotten what He did,
How He lived and died,
Born to save the very souls,
He knew would Crucify.
Born to show a better way,
Compassion and Forgiving,
Hope among a hopeless world,
Life is still worth living.

Have we forgotten,
Love is All
The Greatest Love of all,
Surrendering the Heavens,
to a dirty manger stall.
To walk among the lowliest,
that we have eyes to see,
when we help the least of them,
God tells us
you serve Me.

Christmas is the Gift of Love.
The warmth of God’s embrace.
Reaching out, reaching down,
with empathy and Grace.
The Reason for the Season,
so many have let go.
When Love came down,
The Christ child, long ago.

Matthew 28:20,

':and lo I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world'


Merry Christmas to All ... with love.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mary's Child

Many , many years ago, a teenage girl gave birth

In a dark and lowly stable, on the straw, and damp, cold earth.
ave birth.

All of heaven watching, as the babe became a boy,

learned to talk, play and walk,

Firstborn pride and joy.

Every time he stumbled, his mother ran to see.

Wipe his tears, still his fears, bandage wounded knees.

When he had a fever she would swaddle him with love,

rocking, singing lullabies,

witnessed from above.

His father taught him Carpentry, a boy should learn a trade.

His oldest son, ‘Beloved One,’ a young man to be made.

Teaching all the skills he knew, walk tall and unafraid,

schooling him as best he could,

for the rest he prayed.

So it was he grew in years.

Learned to teach and heal.

Gentle, kind, and gracious,

Stamped with Heavens seal.

Cried a thousand tears, the day her Jesus died.

Pierced and torn in anguish, as the spear lunged in His side.

Lifting hands to Heaven, for God’s Mercy to prevail.

Far beyond a mothers heart, as God allowed each nail.

Even Angels closed their eyes, that day upon the Cross.

The Holy One, Gods only Son,

Born to die, to save the lost.

The veil was torn, and Hope reborn, as Jesus Rose Again.

‘The Christmas Child’, unwrapping God, every day since then.

Celebrate ‘Emmanuel,’ His birth and Crucifixion.

His Grace and Living Presence, with hearts of true conviction.

Regift His Love each moment, tell others of ‘His Story.’

So much more than once a year,

Mary’s child.

Gods Glory.


Written in His Love.

Christmas Bells

The Christmas bells are ringing.

Wear your pretty dress,

A smile, a song, a hug for all.

Give this day your best.

The Birthday of our Savior.

Rejoice, in deed and heart.

Angels sing in Heaven,

Dear Lord, How Great Thou Art.

Tell those you love, I love you.

Husbands kiss your wives,

and wives, be women all day long.

Glad to be alive.

Dance like no ones looking.

Sing like no one hears.

Spend time with your children,

this precious time of year.

Goodwill to men, and Peace on Earth.

The Christmas bells still ring.

Despite two thousand years or more,

Hosanna to The King.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010


My God has a Plan for me,
as perfect as a plan can be.
To use my heart, my skills, my life.
A child of God, mother, wife.
Teacher, poet, molded clay,
to stretch, and grow,
in every way.
Bringing Glory to my King.
Not of me, but all of Him.

My God has a plan for all,
with ears to hear The Shepherd call.
His precious lambs, so often lost,
but One, so born to pay the cost.
Upon that Holy Precious Night,
a second chance, to do things right.
that eve when Love came down.
Already written, lost then found.
A sprinkled remnant, set apart.
Not of man, but God’s own heart.

With eyes to see His Plan unfold,
The Greatest Story ever told.
His perfect Love, His Beauty shine.
In you and yours, and me and mine.
Every good thing, every way.
Lifting humbled hands to pray.
Knowing our God has a Plan,
and when we can’t,
to know He can.


Matthew 1: 22,23,
‘Now all this was done that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet saying,
BEHOLD, A VIRGIN SHALL BE WITH CHILD, AND SHALL CALL HIS NAME EM-MAN-UEL, which being interpreted is, God with us.’

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This Day

How beautiful my heart feels,
when I am filled with You.
Hope and Peace, Joy released,
in everything I do.

Music playing in my soul.
Light and Love and laughter.
Wonder all around me,
and happy ever after.

No promise for this lifetime,
but that’s ok with me.
I shall dance to Heaven,
and the One who sets me free.

Breathing in the mountains.
Strolling through the leaves.
Everything that’s in me,
Rejoice, Shine Bright, Believe.

All the wondrous Color.
Fall in her finest dress.
Eyes to see, and ears to hear,
This day, my Lord has Blessed.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Giving Thanks

Help me always to be Thankful,
for the gift of knowing Love.
So stretched and burdened by this world,
to lift my heart above.

Surrounded by Your Blessings,
we often do not see.
May I never take for granted,
the way that You Love me.

I thank You for the air I breathe.
I thank You for Provision.
I thank You for the good and bad,
under Heaven's Supervision.

I thank You for my children,
may they grow strong in You.
I thank You for my friends in Christ,
who help me make it through.

Indebted Lord, my heart is full,
so Thankful for Your Grace.
Thankful for Your Holy Word,
glimpses of Your Face.

Thankful for Your Spirit,
Precious, Holy Essence.
and so much more, beyond all words,
Thankful for Your Presence.



1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18,

'Rejoice evermore.
Pray without ceasing.
In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.'

I know

‘I know’,
Can you hear Him?
That soft gentle voice,
Bidding Rejoice,
through it all.

When nothing goes right.
In the chill of the night,
‘I know’.
As He stills me,
and fills me with Hope.

There is nothing I can feel ,
my Lord and Savior cannot heal.
Bore the nails, His whole life long.
‘I know',
In Him, the weak prove strong.

Then my heart so fit to burst,
as the least become first.
‘I know’
In the glow , of His smile.

So drenched in His Grace,
Drawing nigh, His Embrace.
Lord of All,
softly calling,
‘I know.’


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Moment

I look around me everyday and hear the people worry.
Little things, so trivial, and always in a hurry.
Take some time to share some kindness.
Slow down and let it go.
Moments are for making,
More precious than you know.

A moment just to hug a child.
A moment just to smile.
A moment for the weary,
Sit down, and rest a while.

A moment to say thank you,
A moment for a prayer.
A moment just to breathe and be,
To know our Lord is there.

I look around me every day, the hustle of our race,
I don’t see much of Gentleness, Compassion, Love or Grace.
Endless competition, selfishness and greed,
In places full of heartbreak, begging human need.

Take a moment, make it count,
the world will go on turning.
Hear the Voice within your heart, ever tugging, yearning.
A moment just For His Names Sake.
Holy Spirit flow.
Moments are for making,
far more precious than you know.


Matthew 25:40,
'In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.'

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jesus And A Lamb

Jesus is the Lamb Pictures, Images and Photos

I have a painting on my hearth,
Jesus and a lamb.
When I feel like giving up,
it reminds me who I am,
Tells me He will Carry me,
when I can walk no more.
When I am faint, He Stands for me,
to open one more door.
It reminds me of a Greater Love,
than any I have known.
Always holding onto me,
pierced hands to lead me Home.
Always saying, ‘don’t quit now
Have I not brought you far,
I Am , you can, because of me,
and I know where you are.’
Lay all your burdens down this night
in My Arms to rest.
Be assured you are My Lamb,
and know that you are Blessed.


Isaiah 40:11.
‘He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart’

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I So Pray

Another work week,
let me be,
all the things you ask of me.
Ever joyful, shining true
not of self, but all of You.
If I am wronged,
may I forgive,
bearing Jesus as I live.
May I see,
the good in all.
Catch me Father,
when I fall.
Another work week,
I so pray,
Your gentle Glory,
every day.


Friday, October 22, 2010

I Am

Call me a Fool for Jesus,
I don’t really care.
Nothing else is worth a light,
unless His Light is there.
I don’t want to settle,
for less than knowing Him.
I sure need a Savior
To wash away my sin.

So very far from perfect.
So very far from Home.
I wouldn’t want to be here,
without Him on the Throne.
Nothing else makes any sense,
without The Fathers Plan,
so call me a Fool for Jesus
and I will smile,
I am.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I am not worldly,
not at all people smart.
Take quite the bruising,
wearing this heart.

Honest and open,
tender and deep.
Full of compassion,
for all that I meet.

Sometimes just shredded,
salted and burned,
but here is a lesson,
I long ago learned.

My Father once told me,
So wise and so kind.
Look into the mirror,
Do you like who you find?

Did you give all you could?
Have you lived at your best?
Then go to your heart,
Find Jesus, and rest.


John 14:1
‘Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.’

Saturday, October 16, 2010

By Grace

To everything a reason,
A Season of its own.
I think about it all sometimes,
when I feel far from Home.

How far we’ve come,
The Race to run.
The how and why and who.
Then I can smile,
Give Thanks a while,
it all comes back to You.

Life knocks me down
You Raise me up,
Sunshine in the rain.
When I am lost, You find me,
to draw me nigh again.

When I am weak,
You gird my heart.
When I am spent, renew,
Remind me who I really am,
and all that I should do.

Let go, let God,
Go be a Voice,
and all that I can be.
Play my part,
His Love, my heart,
by Grace, Eternally.



Sometimes I write for His Names Sake.
Sometimes, I write for me,
To know my God is listening,
and In Him I am Free.

Free from all the heartache,
The world, and all its pain.
Free to dance.
Free to sing.
To be a child again.

Free to walk the meadows,
Feel the breezes blow.
Drinking in the Mountains,
Gaze at stars and know.

Our God is ever close at hand.
Our God is ever real.
Our God who made the universe,
Can Bless, Possess and Heal.

So Lord I ask for healing,
Such a sickness in our land.
Strengthen me,
That I may be,
an ever ready hand.

Bathe me in the wonder,
Untainted, pure and sweet.
A Child of God, unkempt, unshod,
with grass beneath her feet.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Heart Cry

‘If We've ever needed You,’
I heard the song today.
Thought about your trials,
closed my eyes to pray.

We think we are forsaken.
We feel so all alone,
but when we give it all to Him,
He gently leads us Home.

‘If We've ever needed You’
Every single day.
Every single moment.
Every single way.

So many times we crumble.
So many times we fall.
‘If We've ever needed You’
The Heart Cry of us all.


Friday, October 8, 2010


I don’t know about tomorrow.
Just one day at a time.
Sometimes Lord I feel my life
is such an uphill climb
At other times I know it’s just
The Enemy at play.
Help me Father to stay strong,
and send him on his way.

I know that I am truly blessed,
by health and heart and soul.
and all the rest is nothing much,
just human worldly goals.
So help me when I’m weary.
Lift me when I’m weak.
Remind me who I am in You,
whenever sorrows speak.

and always Jesus, full of Love.
At all times full of Grace.
Every minute, every day,
Blessed to see Your Face.
I don’t know about tomorrow.
only one day at a time.
But I do know my heart is Yours,
and Your heart nurtures mine.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Of Miracles

Who would have thought she’d make it,
a million miles from home.
So far away from everything
she ever called her own.
A misfit in a far off land,
battered bruised and hurt.
Broken, crumbled to the core,
bleeding in the dirt.
If she could only touch His Robe...
if such a robe were real?
could she,
would she ever dare….
to Hope, to cry, to heal.

Miracles do happen.
They happen every day.
When all the walls come crashing down,
Our God can make a way.
It’s all about a walk of Faith.
Grace and letting go.
Knowing in the darkest hour,
God still Loves you so.

Who would have thought he’d ever be,
a different kind of man.
Gentle kind and full of Love,
To tell the world, you can.
Despite addictions, jail, and past.
Women wine and song.
God loves the broken sinner,
In our weakness, He is strong.
If he could only touch His Robe...
if such a robe were real?
could he,
would he ever dare….
To Hope, to cry, to heal.

Miracles do happen
They happen every day
When all the walls come crashing down,
Our God can make a way.
It’s all about a walk of Faith.
and Standing in the rain.
Knowing even as it pours,
the sun will shine again.


Monday, September 20, 2010


There’s a nip in the air this evening.
Autumn drawing nigh.
and far across the mountain peaks,
God’s splendor lights the sky.
So very glad to See You Lord,
when Faith is wearing thin.
Sometimes Lord, just sometimes….
I let the world come in.

There You are, reminding me,
everything is fine.
Just the way You want it,
Your Plan Lord,
not mine.
Autumn when the old leaves fall,
Summers pages spent.
Every season learning more,
Let go, let God ,repent.

We get caught up in worldly webs,
despite every promise made.
God untangles all our mess,
and by His Blood we’re Saved.
We fall like leaves, in seasons.
He rakes us in a pile,
to one by one uncrumple,
with Love and Mercy’s smile.

Sunsets ever Golden.
Mornings ever new.
All we ever need to do
is keep our eyes on You.
Creator of the Universe,
Alive in every part.
Sights and smells and wonders,
anointing so my heart.

There’s a nip in the air this evening.
Autumn drawing nigh.
and far across the mountain peaks,
God’s splendor lights the sky.
So very glad to See You Lord,
when Faith is wearing thin.
Sometimes Lord, just sometimes….
we let the world come in.


Friday On A Monday

Feels like Friday on a Monday.
So glad Your coming too.
Lord, I’d never make it.
without All Faith in You.
All the gripes, and grumbles,
nothing ever right.
Try and try and try again,
just a little sight.
Just a little kindness,
seasoned well with Grace.
One step forward, two steps back,
So thankful for Your Face.

Such a work in Progress,
Every part of man.
Every part of every day,
part of who I am.
Guess we’ll get there one day.
Wherever there may be.
So glad to know Your in this too,
walking close to me.
and …..Friday on a Monday,
Oh well , this too shall pass…
In You, all things will come to be,
and find their place, at last.


Friday, September 10, 2010


Feeling so full of His Presence tonight.
Overworked, underpaid, but you know,
it’s alright…..
Serving my God is where I want to be,
despite of, regardless,
The Essence of me.

Feeling so Loved, so upbeat, and so blessed.
You can keep all possessions, for I have the best.
Our small piece of Heaven, with birdsong and trees.
So Fragrant, untainted, with Love in the breeze.

A sunset so Golden, adorning the sky.
Drink for the thirsty, as evening draws nigh.
Fruit on the Vines,
ripe to bursting and sweet.
Full to the brim, and with Him ,so complete.

Tomorrow I minister where I can see,
all of the people that used to be me.
Lord, help me shine, help me lead them to You,
and their own piece of Heaven
where all is made new.


1 Corinthians 2:12,
‘Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God: that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God.’


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Light Bearers

We are The Light Bearers,
He is the Light.
Shine as He made you,
Radiant , bright.

There are still the hungry.
There are still the poor.
The old, and the children,
who litter the floor.

Homeless, the addicts.
Wounded and raw.
Not too far away,
just outside the door.

and there is still you,
there is still me,
and Jesus, who called us,
to offer the key.

We can make a difference,
by staying the course.
With no condemnation,
or time for remorse.

We are The Light Bearers,
He is the Light.
Shine as He made you,
Radiant , bright.

There are still real demons
There is still real pain,
People too broken
to stand up again.

Forever and constant
the tide and it's flow.
Hold tightly to Jesus,
and never let go.

We can make a difference,
by staying the course.
With no condemnation,
or time for remorse.

Be there, all seasons.
Shining and true.
Jesus called me,
and Jesus called you.

One Great Commission,
To Love, and Love more,
A whole world of hurting,
just outside the Door.

We are The Light Bearers,
Sparkling bright.
So Shine as He made you,
and Glitter the Night.


Saturday, September 4, 2010


Lord, I so cling to Your Hand.
Nothing turns out as I planned.
I get pretty worn,
often troubled and torn,
but I know, You so understand.

You said tribulations would come.
Still so much more yet to run.
The mountains are high,
my soul drawing nigh.
A few more to climb til I’m done.

Yet still I can smile my way Home.
Dancing my way to the Throne.
Showered in Grace,
my heart has a place,
helping others to feel less alone.

This life just a vapor You say.
A moment, just fleeting away.
Sometimes so sad.
Other times glad,
only the broken can pray.

So here I kneel, broken in prayer.
Knowing, always, You are there.
My Rock, and my Shield.
Tenderly healed.
Blessing my heart, on this day.


Friday, August 20, 2010

I Didn't Know

I didn’t know who I was,
until I met You.
Who I could be,
what I could do.
You gave me life,
a reason to be.
Taught me the value
of just being me.

I didn’t know about loving,
how Love ought to be.
Forgiving, and growing,
the way you Love me.
all weather,
sunshine and rain.
You put all the pieces
together again.

I missed all the flowers.
The bird song.
The sky.
So lost in the darkness,
it all passed me by.
I missed all the wonder.
Gifts from above.
Joy in the Giving.
The Power of Love.

Now I am so thankful,
tho some, reason why.
You taught me, in all things,
to Praise God on high.
Showered in Mercy,
My heart made new.
I didn’t find me Lord,
Until I found You.



Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Let my life
be one of Grace.
Helping others
find their place.
In a world
so fraught with pain.
Gentle shelter,
from the rain.
Fill me Lord
to pour again.

Let my heart
be ever pure.
Through it all
may Love endure.
In a world
so often cold.
A friend to all
and hand to hold.

Let my smile
light someone’s day.
Blow some heartache
far away.
Lift a burden
to my cross,
and be a guide
for someone lost.
Bring some joy
in all I do.
Pour me out
To Fill anew.


Saturday, July 31, 2010


You and I have traveled far,
been here a thousand times.
Wondering what lies ahead
those mountains yet to climb.
Gazing at the moon and stars,
yearning just for Home.
Then You come
to touch my heart
and I am not alone.

Have I not always been there,
From the very start.
So it was, and so it is
listen to your heart.
One day at a time child,
A little at a time
Walk by Faith
Walk in Love,
and always

Those mountains are just hills you know,
see all the lakes and streams.
Wonder waiting to behold,
Blessings, Hopes and dreams.
Be Still, and know that I am God
My Promises hold true.
The One who lit the moon and stars,
Will Light the Way for you.


Monday, July 26, 2010


I met a Man who told me,
‘I will always hold your hand.’
One to so depend on,
always understands.
He tells me that He Loves me,
in all that I can be.
Tho’ at times I break His Heart
still stands, to fight for me.
Nothing I can ever do
will keep Him from my side,
and one day He is coming back,
to claim His Precious Bride.


Romans 8:38-39,
'For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,
Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to seperate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.'

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Only The Holy

‘Only the Holy’,
Lord, such a cry.
T’was not for the Holy,
Your Son came to die.
Not for the perfect,
but Sinners like me.
Nailed to a Cross
so that I might walk free.

‘Only the Holy’,
Not one ......You said.
For the wretched, unworthy,
my Jesus bled.
The humbled dependant,
needing God every day.
Only the broken,
have hearts that can pray.

‘Only the Holy’,
Lord save me from that.
I don’t fit the mold,
and I don’t wear that hat.
I so need my Savior,
to bathe me in Grace,
and pray for ‘the Holy,’
to find Your Embrace.


1 Corinthians 13;3,
‘And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and although I have given my body to be burned, and have not Charity, it profited me nothing’

I Love You

Dear Jesus,
I Love You,
straight from my heart.
Just as I am
waiting to start,
every tomorrow
and every today,
climbing the mountains
life puts in the way.

Dear Jesus,
I Love You,
The core of my soul.
Quietly molding
making me whole.
my Sword and my Shield.
You are my Savior,
Forever, to yield.

Dear Jesus,
I Love You,
unworthy and flawed,
ever indebted
to One I adore.
Counting my blessings,
Thank You my King,
for all of the wonder
You constantly bring.
Forever Your servant
Forever Your lamb,
From my heart to Yours Lord
All that I am.


Friday, July 16, 2010


between the hairline cracks
of powdered concrete and discarded wrappings,
the smallest daisy
pushes up to the sun.

Nothing grand,
or spectacular,
Just believing,
it can be done.

The soft morning dew will come.
and there is still a place,
for flowers.



1 Philippians 4:8,
‘whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.’

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Here I am again, my King,
and there You are outpoured.
Lost within Your Holiness,
so worshipped and adored.

Shimmering so quietly,
Glowing, none the less.
Spirit filled, and gently held.
In You, I am Blessed.

Daily I discover,
how much I need Your Love.
Daily falling so far short,
unworthy of Your blood.

Even so, You Love me,
and even so I yearn.
To live, as You would have me live.
With so much yet to learn.

One thing I am sure of,
so led to come to You.
Holding on, becoming strong,
the Source of all I do.

I was born to love You Lord,
and live to see Your face.
The air I breathe, to You I cleave.
Complete in Your Embrace.

So here I am, an open book,
for all the world to know.
With all my imperfections,
my God still loves me so.

Holding out my trembling heart,
In Faith, that others see.
The Gentle hands of Jesus,
are holding on to me.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sharing The Moon

We share the same moon you and I.
So perfectly strung way up high.
Oceans apart,
ever close in my heart,
I will hold you again by and by.

My first born, all grown and a man.
Working all hours you can.
A child and a wife.
Bills to pay, such is life,
but know that our Lord has a plan.

Such a long time ago since I saw you.
Are you happy my son far away?
I long just to cuddle my grandson,
and wonder what words he will say.

But more, even more than that baby,
my baby, I so yearn to see.
So I keep you in prayer,
in my heart, ever there.
When I’m old,
maybe then,
you’ll hold me.

Look up at the heavens and know,
some things will always be so.
A mother, her son,
Gods Precious One,
and The Moon,
shining Love,
so aglow.


for Jaime, with love. x

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thank You

Someone told me thank you,
but thank the Lord on high.
I really didn’t do that much,
but hear His Voice draw nigh.

Another said, ‘you help me
by the words you love to write',
but don’t you know,
It isn’t me,
but God who shines The Light.

and anyone can hear Him.
I do believe it so.
Knock and the door is opened,
with all His Heart,
to know.

A Love beyond all others.
Peace, when there is none.
Source of strength, source of joy,
there for everyone.

'Lo, I am always with you.'
The beginning and the end.
Comforter . Provider.
Advocate and friend.

and some one said 'Lord Help me,
I cannot walk alone.
Carry me Sweet Jesus.'
So lost and far from home.

'Take my heart and use me,
any way You can.
All I have, is all in You,
Father, here I am.'

So when I hear a thank you,
My heart is truly blessed.
All I do is Love my God
and He,
does all the rest.

Revelations 3:20,
‘Behold I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come into him, and will sup with him, and he with me.’

---------------------- thank You Jesus.


Thursday, July 1, 2010


How beautiful this Golden Morn.
Summer brushstrokes painting dawn.
Pastel pinks and hues of blue,
and tiny pearls of shimmered dew.

All the world is still, in awe,
as for a moment Heavens door
Alights the sun.

Gently rising, rays of Grace.
Blessing all to see Gods Face.
His Glory, Love,
His Heart, His Hands,
Unfolding life across the land.

Stirring sleeping birds to sing,
Hosanna to the King of Kings.
How wonderfully this day is birthed
Heaven sprinkled on the Earth.

and God, who smiles, and breathes a breeze.
Whispers love songs through the trees.
Perfumes blossoms, glitters streams,
Paints His World with Hopes and Dreams.
Despite our will, despite our way,
Gives His All, to bless each day.


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Celebrating Freedom

Anticipation fills the night.
Looking up,
a wondrous sight.
Celebrating Freedom ....

Glitzy sparkles in the sky, and,
in the corner of my eye,
A Star.

Violet, red, blue, and white,
lighting up the velvet night,
behind the smoke,
A Star.

Ever Faithful, ever Shining,
strung from Heaven,

Quietly watching the world.
The soft beams of Eternity.

Celebrating Freedom.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Smile

I stand beside you,
Every Sunday,
honored as your friend.

I have watched you
watch her die,
try not to cry
and Praise The Lord in all.

‘Can get awful lonely,’ you said.
Now isn’t that the truth.

A Sunday hug to say I care.
Glad, so glad ,to find you there,
in Worship , every Sunday.

Standing crooked, frail, and white,
grinning,‘Hey girl, you alright?’
So real, and unpretentious.

Sometimes a tear escapes your eye,
I pat your hand, and hear you sigh,
raise your face up to the sky,
'Thank you.'

All the thanks, dear man, are mine,
For knowing one so truly Fine.
A Gentle Knight,
The real McCoy,
Living Sorrows,
Shining Joy.

One day soon
I know you’ll be,
Praising God Eternally.
I will so miss your Gracious smile.
So very blessed, the little while,
I got to be your friend.



Lord hold me gently , while I cry.
Strengthen me and draw me nigh.
Take my heart, and help me fly
far away from sorrow.

So weary of this world, tonight.
Tomorrow I will be alright,
but for a while just let me be,
a little weak, where none can see
but You.

You are my Rock, my Shield, my All.
Forgive me Father, when I fall,
into the well of pity me.
You know how hard this walk can be,

You have brought me thus this far,
and Lord I know how Great You Are.
So I don’t know, whence come these tears,
leaking heartache through the years.

So hold me gently for a while.
Raise me up, and bless my smile.
Tomorrow is a brand new day,
and You have always made a way
For me.


Isaiah 41:10,
‘Fear thou not; for I am with thee; be thou not dismayed; for I am thou God; I will strengthen thee; yea I will help thee; yea I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.'

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I look up at the stars and just wonder,
how my God ever wrote me a part.
Just raising two kids on a shoestring,
with a Bible, and Love in my heart.
but I know,
I have touched lives for Jesus.
Sown some seeds,
here and there
where I can.
and I know that His Hands hold my heartstrings ,
every pull, one more part of His Plan.

Why me Lord, barefooted in blue jeans.
The woman still living a girl.
A far cry from anything perfect,
I see sand,
He sees diamond and pearl.

So I look at the stars and just marvel.
Grace and Redemption are mine.
Raising two kids on a shoestring,
being quietly polished to Shine.
Sowing seeds,
here and there
for my Savior.
With a Bible and Love in my heart.
Ever thankful, and blessed beyond measure,
because God chose to write me a part.


In The Presence Of A King

With the wind in my hair
and the sun on my face,
there is no other place
quite like here,
ever dear,
to my heart.

In the fields,
where goats play,
I can fill, and can say,
I love You.

Breathing Him
feeling blessed,
as my heart is possessed,
by a Love that runs deeper than life.

With the mountains and streams,
touching Heaven it seems,
and no other place
quite like here,
ever dear
to my heart,
set apart,
for Him.



Saturday, June 12, 2010

Blow Wind Blow

Blow Wind Blow,
o’er the Earth
high and low.
Bending trees
swirling leaves,
Our God is on the Throne.

Shine Sun, Shine.
Glittered days,
yours and mine.
Feel the warmth
of His Smile.
Bathe in Him
for a while.
Our God is on The Throne.

Rain Heavens, Rain.
Wash away
a world of pain.
Blossoms open,
New Life springs.
Precious Savior.
King of Kings.
Our God is on The Throne.


Job 38,30:
‘He caused it to come, whether for correction, or for his land, or for mercy.