Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Here we go again Lord,
stay with me all the way.
Not enough of anything,
another Shoestring day,

Lord these are your scattered lambs.
The ones You came to Save.
So very lost,
bedraggled, tossed,
with many Storms to brave.

Help me be the sunshine,
in between the showers.
A stepping stone, a place to smile,
stop and smell the flowers.

Some lasting ground,
where Love is found.
A place to taste New Wine.
These people are Your children,
and fast becoming mine.

I can’t do this without You.
Shoestrings run to thread,
but with You, all the pieces fit,
and Hope holds firm instead.

Gird my heart,
Bless my hands,
my words, and step, I pray.
With Faith to watch the mountains move,
and Shoestrings, all the way.


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