Monday, February 1, 2010

My God

My God,
Lives far beyond,
the confines of Religion.
He is the God who made it all,
with planning and precision.

Knows when every sparrow falls.
Every hair upon each head.
Rejoices, Grieves,
Lives and Breathes.
My God,
is'nt dead.

My God,
He does'nt care,
for pride,
so set apart.
The only part,
of any use,
lies deep within the heart.

A seed, so planted long ago.
A need, to fill that space.
something more.
A Yearning,
for His Face.

My God,
Paints Sunsets.
Strings the stars at night.
Halts the oceans,
at the shore.
Turns on the Sun,
for light.

Perfumes flowers.
Births New Life.
Hope, where there is none.
Walks the Walk,
of Love and Grace,
through the Sacrifice of One.

My God,
Loves you.
As you are.
Complete with all misgivings.
He is The Bright and Morning Star.
To make each day,
worth Living.

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