Saturday, March 27, 2010

Broken Wings

Sometimes we fly on broken wings,
a little at a time.
It takes a little longer,
to find a place and shine.

Each has a different life song.
A tune all of their own.
Still beautiful, beloved,
His Wings to fly you Home.

For some it’s all that they can do,
to simply keep the pace.
The least shall be the First one day,
and all have need of Grace.

Beauty lives within the heart,
and God can see it all.
With Arms to Hold the weakest lamb,
and Dance you to the Ball.

He has a Plan,
For every Child,
so Stand and Smile and Be.
God loves you just the way you are,
and All you are to me.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Every cloud has a silver lining
Can’t you see the edges shining.
Feel the cleansing of the rain,
and know the Sun will shine again..

Every flower blooms and fades,
Then blooms again, as God has made.
Each blossom different,
Just as real,
and perfumed,
by the One who heals.

After night,
A brand new Day.
Another chance,
Another way.
To live a dream, take heart,
Give, Forgive, Hold fast,

Every cloud has a silver lining
Can’t you see the edges shining.
Feel the cleansing of the rain,
and know the Sun will shine again.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In Quiet Times

Sometimes, in the quiet times,
I wonder where I am.
It isn’t always easy,
to live Our Father's Plan.
We have our plans,
and He has His.
More often not the same.
Don’t always focus on His Love,
then wonder why there’s pain.

It isn’t about you or I,
He knows the things we need.
We do the ‘pity me’ thing,
then wonder why we bleed.
God sent His only Son to die,
because He loves us so.
Why is it that we wander,
so far from Heavens Glow.

He knew, that’s why he took the nails.
All our worldly sin.
Even the very best of us,
are filthy rags to Him.

Sometimes, in the quiet times.
I wonder why it’s so.
He came and spilled his blood for us,
with everything He knows.
Surely so unworthy,
to ever see God's Face.
Still yet I can,
for all I am,
and find The Heart of Grace.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Let Me Dream

Can I close my eyes and see.
The one that used to lie with me.
Go back a little while in time,
To the love that once was mine.
Let me dream.

Just to be with you tonight.
See your smile forever bright.
Feel those arms so warm and tight.
Nothing ever felt so right
Let me dream.

In the weakest hidden part,
bandaged pieces of the heart.
Sometimes tears escape the soul,
In the struggle to feel whole.
Let me dream.


and I will dream of holding you.
All the things we used to do.
Love lit eyes, that followed me,
so many things you helped me see.

Did you know how much you blessed my heart,
and letting go, the hardest part.
Even now, I miss your smile.
Let me be,
to dream awhile.


Philippians 1:3,
'I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.'

Monday, March 8, 2010

Just A Prayer Away

Our God is just a prayer away.
Heartbeat from a care away.
If we could only tear away,
From all that’s here and now.

Our God is just a prayer away.
Sunshine when the world is grey.
Springtime on a cold dark day.
His Love can always find a way,
to melt the frosted heart

Our God is just a prayer away.
Even taught us what to say.
Why is it that we seldom pray,
until the walls cave in.

Our God is just a prayer away.
Created us to hear us pray.
Grow closer to Him every day.
Not to watch us turn away.
It surely breaks His Heart.

Our God is just a prayer away.
Talk to Him, and hear Him say.
'I never left your side today,
Bled to take your sins away,
For I so Love the World'.


John 3:16,

'For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.'

Sunday, March 7, 2010


What can I do that will move you,
to know there is something much more.
Far and beyond, all the set backs and trials.
Just a tentative tap on His Door.

I know you have questioned the small quiet voice,
nagging away at your heart.
Stop running, one moment and hearken.
To stand up, or stand down, is a choice.

What can it hurt just to listen.
What can it hurt to Believe.
There is no love on earth,
to compare with His Worth,
With arms open wide to Receive.

Only knock,
and the door will be opened.
Just a whisper and Jesus will hear.
He waits and He prays, you will ask Him.
Ever longing, just to draw near.

A friend told me once of my Savior.
When all that I knew was despair.
I did not have a heart of conviction, back then.
Just a prayer, for a God, if You’re there.

Little by little, some mountains were moved.
Little by little in awe.
The doubt changed to maybe,
the maybe to Faith,
and a yearning to know more and more.

What can I say to convince you,
that the Love in my heart is of Him.
The light in my eyes is the light of my soul,
Ever burning while life may grow dim.

I don’t know the answer to heartbreak.
No perfect life, free of care.
But I do have a Rock, I can stand on,
and a Hand that will always be there.

I live by the Grace of my Savior,
Love by his heart, into mine.
Poured out and refilled,
Sometimes clumsy, and spilled,
so much yet still to mold and refine.

What can I do that will move you,
To know there is something much more
Far and beyond, all the set backs and trials.
Just a tentative tap on His Door.



Revelations 3: 20,

‘ Behold I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come into him, and will sup with him , and he with me.'

Monday, March 1, 2010

Blown Kisses

The sun shone down a while today.
Sparkled mountains far away.
Warmed the earth.
Blessed the land.
Blown kisses from my Fathers Hand.

Creator, Lord,
Above it all.
Who knows when every sparrow falls.
Why is it that You Love me so?
So unworthy,
that I know.

The sky was blue, with cotton clouds.
Just a hint of breeze allowed,
to whisper gently through the trees,
Believe, Receive, on bended knees.

I try so hard,
but always fall,
into the Arms that hold us all.
Raise me up, help me stand.
Every moment,
He has planned.
For God so Loved The World.

All is Wonder, all is Grace.
So Beautiful, to find His Face.
Hear His Voice, so gently call,
and know,
The Greatest Love of All.

Birdsong as they flit and play.
Just breathing in this Fragrant day.
Petals falling,
where I stand.
Blown kisses from my Fathers Hand.