Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In Quiet Times

Sometimes, in the quiet times,
I wonder where I am.
It isn’t always easy,
to live Our Father's Plan.
We have our plans,
and He has His.
More often not the same.
Don’t always focus on His Love,
then wonder why there’s pain.

It isn’t about you or I,
He knows the things we need.
We do the ‘pity me’ thing,
then wonder why we bleed.
God sent His only Son to die,
because He loves us so.
Why is it that we wander,
so far from Heavens Glow.

He knew, that’s why he took the nails.
All our worldly sin.
Even the very best of us,
are filthy rags to Him.

Sometimes, in the quiet times.
I wonder why it’s so.
He came and spilled his blood for us,
with everything He knows.
Surely so unworthy,
to ever see God's Face.
Still yet I can,
for all I am,
and find The Heart of Grace.

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