Tuesday, April 20, 2010


My heart was feeling empty,
when a nightingale did sing.
Such an evening chorus,
paying homage to The King.
The sunset, ever golden
with such glory in the sky,
and the fragrance of the heavens
Rose and Jasmine
breezing by.

A host of tiny finches
landed on my unkempt drive,
and a rabbit came to nibble
at the young shoots so alive.
The greenest softest tufts of Spring
that grew up overnight,
and my mind set to poison all,
before this new delight.

The soft time of the early eve,
a time to breathe and sigh.
Reflect refill, be thankful.
Take stock, put down, draw nigh.
Enchanted by the Fingerprints,
of Love for which we thirst.
Gently quenched by wonderful.
My heart left fit to burst.



I believe,
that which the enemy sends to harm us,
God can use
for good........

Be mindful of false doctrine,
The end times drawing near,
but heed Jesus in the garden,
and the slashing of an ear.

It is easy to love the select chosen few
but we are commanded, our enemies too.
Love the wolf in sheep’s clothing,
offer him food.
None here are righteous,
or love as we should.

Paul was once Saul,
until God changed his heart.
Prayer is our tool
for the Oceans to part.

My Jesus
strung dying
that day on the hill.
Satan stood laughing
desiring ill,
God had a Plan, all along, written down,
and no Greater Hope has the world ever found.

Romans 12:21,
‘Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.



Heaven will be going home.
A place where I am not alone.
A place where I can lay it down,
and at His Feet, will cast my crown.
It may not be all gold and fine,
but Lord, it surely will be mine,
with thorns and flowers intertwined,
to You I gave my All.

Heaven will be no more tears,
No more heartbreak, no more fears.
No more questions, no more pain.
A place where I can dance again,
and maybe not with angel feet,
but Lord it will be good to meet.
Dance a while upon the stars,
with One who carried me thus far.

Heaven will be setting free,
The carefree child that lives in me.
Who wants so much to change the world,
waiting just to be unfurled.

but not today,
today is real,
with broken children yet to heal.
Mine to raise, set free to fly,
and then Dear Lord, just hear me cry,
'I’m done, and coming Home'.



A sky so blue
and cotton clouds.
Jasmine scents the breeze.
Bird song , ever beautiful.
Blossom on the trees.

Come fill me precious Jesus.
with all that’s pure and true.
Wash away my frailties,
to shine so bright in You.

My soul forever humbled.
A heart so full, possessed.
God’s Glory,
Living Love,
and every moment blessed.

The sun is shining, Oh so gay.
Roses come to bloom.
Heaven surely touched this day
and left the world no room.



What would I do Lord
without You?
How could I wake up each day.
See the blessing in all,
be it humble or small,
and assurance
You will make a way.

When the mountains are steep
You are with me.
When the valley is bare
we draw nigh.
When the waters are rising,
The Rock I stand firm on.
The wings of my heart,
soaring high.

What would I do Lord
Without You?
How could I face every morn.
Know there is sunshine
behind every cloud
and ever,
The Promise of Dawn.

When I am poured out
You refill me.
When I am broken
You heal.
When I need prayer,
and no other is there,
I know right beside me
You kneel.



Tuesday, April 6, 2010

When Ere I Walk Away

When ere I walk away

When ere I walk away from You,
You pull me back to Home.
Take me to a higher place,
where I am not alone.

Fill my heart with Wonder,
Fit to burst in Love.
comes down to rest awhile,
and Faith,
becomes enough.

When ere I walk away from You,
Conviction comes to call.
Draw nigh to me, and I to You,
The Reason for it all.

Forgiven my misgivings.
Erasing all my fears.
The hand of Heaven reaches down,
wipes away all tears.

When ere I walk away from You,
I cannot stay too long.
You are my Lord,
my life,
my breath,
and where my soul belongs


Friday, April 2, 2010

Do You Know

Do you know what Love is?
The Greatest Love of All.
The One who’ll always be there,
as Empires Rise and Fall.

The One who wrote The Book of Life.
Knew you before conception.
The One who came to walk with man.
Offer us Direction.

A Greater Love can no man show,
than He who bore the nails.
Between two thieves,
and one believed,
The Son of Man impaled.

The Veil was torn and Hope reborn,
that day on Calvary.
Taking on the Wrath of God,
perpetual agony.

Yet, even as He hung there,
Forsaken , and alone,
He begged God to forgive us all,
and take the sinner Home.

Do you know what Love is?
The Rendering of Grace.
One man.
One life.
One Holy Lamb.
Slaughtered in our place.

John 3:17,
'God did not send his Son into the world to condemn it, but to save it.'


This Day

This day I will not cry,
for the things I cannot change.
I will Thank my God on High,
for the healing in the Rain.
Bathe in the golden sunshine,
breathing in His air.
Delve into His Holy Word.
Praise His name in prayer.

This day I find my Peace,
Knowing God is in Control.
He has a Greater Plan for all,
than just our earthly goal.
Take time to smell the flowers,
hear the birds high in the trees.
Catch a glimpse of Heaven ,
whispered on the breeze.

None will steal my Joy,
this day is His and mine.
Trusting in His Power
assured that all is fine.
Someday to know the answers,
to the questions of my heart,
But for today, it is enough,
to simply live my part.

This day is for my Lord.
The final Chapter of His Story.
Hosanna to the King.
The beginning of His Glory.
Every knee shall bow,
upon the Final Trumpet Call,
and I will run into the Arms,
that held me through it all.