Tuesday, April 20, 2010


My heart was feeling empty,
when a nightingale did sing.
Such an evening chorus,
paying homage to The King.
The sunset, ever golden
with such glory in the sky,
and the fragrance of the heavens
Rose and Jasmine
breezing by.

A host of tiny finches
landed on my unkempt drive,
and a rabbit came to nibble
at the young shoots so alive.
The greenest softest tufts of Spring
that grew up overnight,
and my mind set to poison all,
before this new delight.

The soft time of the early eve,
a time to breathe and sigh.
Reflect refill, be thankful.
Take stock, put down, draw nigh.
Enchanted by the Fingerprints,
of Love for which we thirst.
Gently quenched by wonderful.
My heart left fit to burst.


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