Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Heaven will be going home.
A place where I am not alone.
A place where I can lay it down,
and at His Feet, will cast my crown.
It may not be all gold and fine,
but Lord, it surely will be mine,
with thorns and flowers intertwined,
to You I gave my All.

Heaven will be no more tears,
No more heartbreak, no more fears.
No more questions, no more pain.
A place where I can dance again,
and maybe not with angel feet,
but Lord it will be good to meet.
Dance a while upon the stars,
with One who carried me thus far.

Heaven will be setting free,
The carefree child that lives in me.
Who wants so much to change the world,
waiting just to be unfurled.

but not today,
today is real,
with broken children yet to heal.
Mine to raise, set free to fly,
and then Dear Lord, just hear me cry,
'I’m done, and coming Home'.


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