Friday, April 2, 2010

This Day

This day I will not cry,
for the things I cannot change.
I will Thank my God on High,
for the healing in the Rain.
Bathe in the golden sunshine,
breathing in His air.
Delve into His Holy Word.
Praise His name in prayer.

This day I find my Peace,
Knowing God is in Control.
He has a Greater Plan for all,
than just our earthly goal.
Take time to smell the flowers,
hear the birds high in the trees.
Catch a glimpse of Heaven ,
whispered on the breeze.

None will steal my Joy,
this day is His and mine.
Trusting in His Power
assured that all is fine.
Someday to know the answers,
to the questions of my heart,
But for today, it is enough,
to simply live my part.

This day is for my Lord.
The final Chapter of His Story.
Hosanna to the King.
The beginning of His Glory.
Every knee shall bow,
upon the Final Trumpet Call,
and I will run into the Arms,
that held me through it all.


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