Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Celebrating Freedom

Anticipation fills the night.
Looking up,
a wondrous sight.
Celebrating Freedom ....

Glitzy sparkles in the sky, and,
in the corner of my eye,
A Star.

Violet, red, blue, and white,
lighting up the velvet night,
behind the smoke,
A Star.

Ever Faithful, ever Shining,
strung from Heaven,

Quietly watching the world.
The soft beams of Eternity.

Celebrating Freedom.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Smile

I stand beside you,
Every Sunday,
honored as your friend.

I have watched you
watch her die,
try not to cry
and Praise The Lord in all.

‘Can get awful lonely,’ you said.
Now isn’t that the truth.

A Sunday hug to say I care.
Glad, so glad ,to find you there,
in Worship , every Sunday.

Standing crooked, frail, and white,
grinning,‘Hey girl, you alright?’
So real, and unpretentious.

Sometimes a tear escapes your eye,
I pat your hand, and hear you sigh,
raise your face up to the sky,
'Thank you.'

All the thanks, dear man, are mine,
For knowing one so truly Fine.
A Gentle Knight,
The real McCoy,
Living Sorrows,
Shining Joy.

One day soon
I know you’ll be,
Praising God Eternally.
I will so miss your Gracious smile.
So very blessed, the little while,
I got to be your friend.



Lord hold me gently , while I cry.
Strengthen me and draw me nigh.
Take my heart, and help me fly
far away from sorrow.

So weary of this world, tonight.
Tomorrow I will be alright,
but for a while just let me be,
a little weak, where none can see
but You.

You are my Rock, my Shield, my All.
Forgive me Father, when I fall,
into the well of pity me.
You know how hard this walk can be,

You have brought me thus this far,
and Lord I know how Great You Are.
So I don’t know, whence come these tears,
leaking heartache through the years.

So hold me gently for a while.
Raise me up, and bless my smile.
Tomorrow is a brand new day,
and You have always made a way
For me.


Isaiah 41:10,
‘Fear thou not; for I am with thee; be thou not dismayed; for I am thou God; I will strengthen thee; yea I will help thee; yea I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.'

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I look up at the stars and just wonder,
how my God ever wrote me a part.
Just raising two kids on a shoestring,
with a Bible, and Love in my heart.
but I know,
I have touched lives for Jesus.
Sown some seeds,
here and there
where I can.
and I know that His Hands hold my heartstrings ,
every pull, one more part of His Plan.

Why me Lord, barefooted in blue jeans.
The woman still living a girl.
A far cry from anything perfect,
I see sand,
He sees diamond and pearl.

So I look at the stars and just marvel.
Grace and Redemption are mine.
Raising two kids on a shoestring,
being quietly polished to Shine.
Sowing seeds,
here and there
for my Savior.
With a Bible and Love in my heart.
Ever thankful, and blessed beyond measure,
because God chose to write me a part.


In The Presence Of A King

With the wind in my hair
and the sun on my face,
there is no other place
quite like here,
ever dear,
to my heart.

In the fields,
where goats play,
I can fill, and can say,
I love You.

Breathing Him
feeling blessed,
as my heart is possessed,
by a Love that runs deeper than life.

With the mountains and streams,
touching Heaven it seems,
and no other place
quite like here,
ever dear
to my heart,
set apart,
for Him.



Saturday, June 12, 2010

Blow Wind Blow

Blow Wind Blow,
o’er the Earth
high and low.
Bending trees
swirling leaves,
Our God is on the Throne.

Shine Sun, Shine.
Glittered days,
yours and mine.
Feel the warmth
of His Smile.
Bathe in Him
for a while.
Our God is on The Throne.

Rain Heavens, Rain.
Wash away
a world of pain.
Blossoms open,
New Life springs.
Precious Savior.
King of Kings.
Our God is on The Throne.


Job 38,30:
‘He caused it to come, whether for correction, or for his land, or for mercy.

Friday, June 11, 2010

His Love

Be still ……
Can you hear God ?

In the whisper of trees,
way up high.
Finches dance, echo joy
from the sky.
The free mountain streams,
laugh out loud,
filled with dreams,
His Love

Be Still ……
Can you feel God?

As the softest summer breeze
brushes by.
The warmth of the Sun
rising high.
Shining gold on your face,
such a blessed embrace,
His Love

Be Still ……
Can you know God?

As His Peace, warms your soul,
Drink Him in.
Let Him flow, feel the glow
from within.
Bathe in Grace, as He pours.
Heals and Restores.
Nothing else can do more,
His Love.


Psalm 46:10,

'Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.'

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Morning Song

Here I am to Worship You,
With everyth
Good Morning Holy Father.
Good Morning Precious Lamb
Here I am to Worship,
with everything I am.
Fill me with Your Spirit,
Walk with me today,
Guide my footsteps,
Bless my heart,
pour me out, I pray.

Let me see Your beauty,
In everything around.
Count my blessings,
and be filled,
where Love and Grace abound.
Forgive the ones that wrong me,
with kindness and a smile,
A hand to hold, where Love is old,
sharing You awhile.

Soaking up the Golden Sun.
With Your Music in my Heart.
Joyful, Peaceful, Blessed Day,
Waiting just to start.
Thank You Holy Father.
Thank You Precious Lamb.
ing I am.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

With Me

I know that You are with me,
in everything I do.
Know how much You Love me,
Holy Grace to see me through.

I know You are The Father.
Creator of it All.
Designer, Artist, Author,
and I so very small.

Yet You hold me ever close,
fill my heart each day,
and I know there is more, much more.
Growing every day.

Just a babe some days, for sure,
still You never let me go,
and I am ever Thankful,
just to feel The Spirit flow.

Gently, ever molding.
The Potter with His Clay.
Still learning how to give my all,
still learning how to pray.

The Blessings of a Summers day.
The wonder of it All.
Almighty God who holds the world,
taking time, to hold the small.


Matthew 10:30,

'But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.'