Friday, August 20, 2010

I Didn't Know

I didn’t know who I was,
until I met You.
Who I could be,
what I could do.
You gave me life,
a reason to be.
Taught me the value
of just being me.

I didn’t know about loving,
how Love ought to be.
Forgiving, and growing,
the way you Love me.
all weather,
sunshine and rain.
You put all the pieces
together again.

I missed all the flowers.
The bird song.
The sky.
So lost in the darkness,
it all passed me by.
I missed all the wonder.
Gifts from above.
Joy in the Giving.
The Power of Love.

Now I am so thankful,
tho some, reason why.
You taught me, in all things,
to Praise God on high.
Showered in Mercy,
My heart made new.
I didn’t find me Lord,
Until I found You.



Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Let my life
be one of Grace.
Helping others
find their place.
In a world
so fraught with pain.
Gentle shelter,
from the rain.
Fill me Lord
to pour again.

Let my heart
be ever pure.
Through it all
may Love endure.
In a world
so often cold.
A friend to all
and hand to hold.

Let my smile
light someone’s day.
Blow some heartache
far away.
Lift a burden
to my cross,
and be a guide
for someone lost.
Bring some joy
in all I do.
Pour me out
To Fill anew.