Tuesday, November 30, 2010


My God has a Plan for me,
as perfect as a plan can be.
To use my heart, my skills, my life.
A child of God, mother, wife.
Teacher, poet, molded clay,
to stretch, and grow,
in every way.
Bringing Glory to my King.
Not of me, but all of Him.

My God has a plan for all,
with ears to hear The Shepherd call.
His precious lambs, so often lost,
but One, so born to pay the cost.
Upon that Holy Precious Night,
a second chance, to do things right.
that eve when Love came down.
Already written, lost then found.
A sprinkled remnant, set apart.
Not of man, but God’s own heart.

With eyes to see His Plan unfold,
The Greatest Story ever told.
His perfect Love, His Beauty shine.
In you and yours, and me and mine.
Every good thing, every way.
Lifting humbled hands to pray.
Knowing our God has a Plan,
and when we can’t,
to know He can.


Matthew 1: 22,23,
‘Now all this was done that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet saying,
BEHOLD, A VIRGIN SHALL BE WITH CHILD, AND SHALL CALL HIS NAME EM-MAN-UEL, which being interpreted is, God with us.’

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This Day

How beautiful my heart feels,
when I am filled with You.
Hope and Peace, Joy released,
in everything I do.

Music playing in my soul.
Light and Love and laughter.
Wonder all around me,
and happy ever after.

No promise for this lifetime,
but that’s ok with me.
I shall dance to Heaven,
and the One who sets me free.

Breathing in the mountains.
Strolling through the leaves.
Everything that’s in me,
Rejoice, Shine Bright, Believe.

All the wondrous Color.
Fall in her finest dress.
Eyes to see, and ears to hear,
This day, my Lord has Blessed.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Giving Thanks

Help me always to be Thankful,
for the gift of knowing Love.
So stretched and burdened by this world,
to lift my heart above.

Surrounded by Your Blessings,
we often do not see.
May I never take for granted,
the way that You Love me.

I thank You for the air I breathe.
I thank You for Provision.
I thank You for the good and bad,
under Heaven's Supervision.

I thank You for my children,
may they grow strong in You.
I thank You for my friends in Christ,
who help me make it through.

Indebted Lord, my heart is full,
so Thankful for Your Grace.
Thankful for Your Holy Word,
glimpses of Your Face.

Thankful for Your Spirit,
Precious, Holy Essence.
and so much more, beyond all words,
Thankful for Your Presence.



1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18,

'Rejoice evermore.
Pray without ceasing.
In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.'

I know

‘I know’,
Can you hear Him?
That soft gentle voice,
Bidding Rejoice,
through it all.

When nothing goes right.
In the chill of the night,
‘I know’.
As He stills me,
and fills me with Hope.

There is nothing I can feel ,
my Lord and Savior cannot heal.
Bore the nails, His whole life long.
‘I know',
In Him, the weak prove strong.

Then my heart so fit to burst,
as the least become first.
‘I know’
In the glow , of His smile.

So drenched in His Grace,
Drawing nigh, His Embrace.
Lord of All,
softly calling,
‘I know.’


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Moment

I look around me everyday and hear the people worry.
Little things, so trivial, and always in a hurry.
Take some time to share some kindness.
Slow down and let it go.
Moments are for making,
More precious than you know.

A moment just to hug a child.
A moment just to smile.
A moment for the weary,
Sit down, and rest a while.

A moment to say thank you,
A moment for a prayer.
A moment just to breathe and be,
To know our Lord is there.

I look around me every day, the hustle of our race,
I don’t see much of Gentleness, Compassion, Love or Grace.
Endless competition, selfishness and greed,
In places full of heartbreak, begging human need.

Take a moment, make it count,
the world will go on turning.
Hear the Voice within your heart, ever tugging, yearning.
A moment just For His Names Sake.
Holy Spirit flow.
Moments are for making,
far more precious than you know.


Matthew 25:40,
'In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.'