Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Birth Of Grace

So quietly,
so calm the night.
As overhead a Star so bright,
shone to a lowly place,
and there,
The Birth of Grace.

No trumpets heralding a king,
Or gilded armies did He bring,
Just a baby , in the straw,
Born to show us all much more,
than glitzy wrappings,
wine and song.
A better place where all belong,
and Love is poured out all day long.

So quietly,
my wish for you,
Is Peace of mind in all you do.
Joy and Love,
The precious kind,
So few of us are blessed to find
Hidden in that lowly place,
of selflessness,
The Birth of Grace.

Merry Christmas to all, with love,

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Have we forgotten who He was,
that babe so long ago.
The Reason for the Season,
so many have let go.
He said,‘Fear not’
He said, ‘Hold Fast’
beware of those who come,
discrediting Gods Holy Word,
The Sacredness of One.

Have we forgotten what He did,
How He lived and died,
Born to save the very souls,
He knew would Crucify.
Born to show a better way,
Compassion and Forgiving,
Hope among a hopeless world,
Life is still worth living.

Have we forgotten,
Love is All
The Greatest Love of all,
Surrendering the Heavens,
to a dirty manger stall.
To walk among the lowliest,
that we have eyes to see,
when we help the least of them,
God tells us
you serve Me.

Christmas is the Gift of Love.
The warmth of God’s embrace.
Reaching out, reaching down,
with empathy and Grace.
The Reason for the Season,
so many have let go.
When Love came down,
The Christ child, long ago.

Matthew 28:20,

':and lo I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world'


Merry Christmas to All ... with love.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mary's Child

Many , many years ago, a teenage girl gave birth

In a dark and lowly stable, on the straw, and damp, cold earth.
ave birth.

All of heaven watching, as the babe became a boy,

learned to talk, play and walk,

Firstborn pride and joy.

Every time he stumbled, his mother ran to see.

Wipe his tears, still his fears, bandage wounded knees.

When he had a fever she would swaddle him with love,

rocking, singing lullabies,

witnessed from above.

His father taught him Carpentry, a boy should learn a trade.

His oldest son, ‘Beloved One,’ a young man to be made.

Teaching all the skills he knew, walk tall and unafraid,

schooling him as best he could,

for the rest he prayed.

So it was he grew in years.

Learned to teach and heal.

Gentle, kind, and gracious,

Stamped with Heavens seal.

Cried a thousand tears, the day her Jesus died.

Pierced and torn in anguish, as the spear lunged in His side.

Lifting hands to Heaven, for God’s Mercy to prevail.

Far beyond a mothers heart, as God allowed each nail.

Even Angels closed their eyes, that day upon the Cross.

The Holy One, Gods only Son,

Born to die, to save the lost.

The veil was torn, and Hope reborn, as Jesus Rose Again.

‘The Christmas Child’, unwrapping God, every day since then.

Celebrate ‘Emmanuel,’ His birth and Crucifixion.

His Grace and Living Presence, with hearts of true conviction.

Regift His Love each moment, tell others of ‘His Story.’

So much more than once a year,

Mary’s child.

Gods Glory.


Written in His Love.

Christmas Bells

The Christmas bells are ringing.

Wear your pretty dress,

A smile, a song, a hug for all.

Give this day your best.

The Birthday of our Savior.

Rejoice, in deed and heart.

Angels sing in Heaven,

Dear Lord, How Great Thou Art.

Tell those you love, I love you.

Husbands kiss your wives,

and wives, be women all day long.

Glad to be alive.

Dance like no ones looking.

Sing like no one hears.

Spend time with your children,

this precious time of year.

Goodwill to men, and Peace on Earth.

The Christmas bells still ring.

Despite two thousand years or more,

Hosanna to The King.