Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cogs And Wheels

So it goes around and round,
up and down and sideways.
Cogs and Wheels
False and Real
More often , not quite my way.

Sink and swim,
Fall right in,
Come up drenched in Sorrow.
All I am,
Is all I can,
Ever hopeful for tomorrow.

Tomorrow never comes they say,
I know that’s not true.
When we give it up to God,
He gives it back to you.

Perhaps not glitzy worldly dreams,
Or everlasting fun.
but Rainbows every now and then,
Moments in the Sun.

Precious Golden moments.
My feet on solid ground
Cogs and wheels
False and Real
Still turning all around.

Help me keep my feet here Lord,
Where I can clearly see,
not up and down and sideways,
but standing firm and free.


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