Thursday, June 30, 2011

Celebrating Freedom

Anticipation fills the night.
Looking up,
a wondrous sight.
Celebrating Freedom ....

Glitzy sparkles in the sky, and,
in the corner of my eye,
A Star.

Violet, red, blue, and white,
lighting up the velvet night,
behind the smoke,
A Star.

Ever Faithful, ever Shining,
strung from Heaven,

Quietly watching the world.
The soft beams of Eternity.

Celebrating Freedom.

Wishing all a safe and wonderful July 4th!


Saturday, June 25, 2011


I look up at the evening star,
wonder how you really are,
So hard to know,
so many miles apart.

Will I ever get to say, ‘I love you’
as time slips away.
Or thank you so much,
every way , you loved me.

Knitting, stitching,
So well dressed,
and gave your best, to raise me.

There is an ocean now between,
My family, my country green.
My mother dear, so dear to me,
Too far away, to hear me say,
I miss you.

I pray my God will grant me grace,
One more time to see her face
and linger in that warm embrace of Home.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Far From Done Yet

Sitting here quietly,
counting my debt.
Could be overwhelming,
but never forget
how far we have come,
and are far from done yet……..

No current employment,
one day at a time.
I still believe,
all the magic is mine.
Bin here before, and will visit again.
Such is the world,
and the passage of men.

Some count their Blessings
in money and toys
But real wealth is measured in peace and in joy.
In helping another be all they can be,
an investment of heart, is the real legacy.

We all have our talents,
Gifts we can share.
Each one of us precious.
Each one of us rare.
Trials will come, and trials will go,
but hold fast to hope, and all that you know.
Could be overwhelming,
but never forget.
How far we have come,
and are far from done yet………


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Making A Difference

We have to make a difference
by the things we do.
Reaching out, touching hearts,
not just me or you.
Have to use our talents
have to search our souls
Make it right
be the Light,
pursuing worthwhile goals.

We have to make a difference,
be the cog that turns a wheel
Be the best,
bypass the rest,
help a heart to heal.
Hope to make a better place,
spread some hope, a smile.
Leave a legacy of Love,
to make it all worthwhile.


This Moment

soft breezes,
no shoes on her feet.
A big smile,
so worthwhile,
so feeling complete.
No worries,
no hurries,
all in good time.
to be me,
this moment
is mine.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Only Faith

Guard my heart,
keep me strong.
Fuel my Faith
to carry on.

Do the tasks,
so set by You.
Keep me shining
through and through.

Move the mountains
ford the streams.
Only Faith
can fill our dreams.

Help me Lord,
where I am weak.
Thoughts and actions,
words to speak.

Keep me thankful.
Keep me bright.
In such a world,
where wrong seems right.

and I will do my very best,
To stay on task,
and leave the rest,
To You.