Tuesday, August 30, 2011


You are my God
and I hear Your Call.
Brand me a Christian,
I don’t mind at all.

You are The Way,
The Truth and The Light.
You are The One,
Who will make all things right.

You are my Father,
and You are my Grace.
You are my Saviour,
Crucified in my place.

You are my Hope
and You are my Dreams
No mountain is ever,
as big as it seems.

You are my Heart
and I hear Your call.
So brand me a Christian,
I don’t mind,
at all


Monday, August 22, 2011

There Is Always Wonderful

There is always wonderful,
if we have eyes to see.
Even in the darkest hour,
I know my God Loves me.

Every trial we go through,
Has been through His Hands First.
He has a plan for every man,
There to quench all thirst.

Step by step He leads us through,
carries us awhile.
Until we leave our fears behind,
and Grace bestows a smile.

Our Father knows our every need,
Never lets us go
Though we may wander far away
Still yet He Loves us so.

Even in the roughest storms
I know my God Loves me
We walk by Faith and Grace assured,
of Wonders yet to see.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Drawing Nigh

Help me Father.
Hear my prayer.
Calm my every fear.
Help me where my Faith grows weak.
Draw me ever near.

Stave away the thorns that tear.
Help me walk by Grace.
All You need, I want to be.
Help me find my place.

I try so hard to rise above,
but yet the tears still flow,
I am here on bended knees
Begging just to know.

Why so many trials Lord?
Why is nothing clear?
Help me Father, understand,
and Draw me ever near.


James 4:8,
‘ Draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you.”



Sometimes God puts spaces,
Just so we can see
How much we need to trust Him
To set the captive free.

Sometimes God puts people,
to help us understand.
Nothing is by chance,
everything is planned.

Sometimes God puts Love there
Unconditional and true
To know that you are treasured
For simply being you.

We are all His children.
He knows our every need.
Even in our greatest fears
even when we bleed.

Sometimes God puts spaces,
Just so we can see
How much we need to trust in Him
and not in you or me.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Living Words

Give me words to write Dear Lord,
to touch anothers heart.
Offer hope, where there is none,
find a place to start.

Give me words with meaning.
Give me words to stir.
Something more than he or me,
or them, or him, or her.

Something meaningful and good.
Purposeful and real.
Something right, and pure, and true.
Something that will heal.

and God said, 'I have given them,
within my 'Living Word',
Use your heart, be not afraid,
and My Voice will be heard.'