Saturday, February 4, 2012


I have wondered through life’s tears.
Sometimes wandered in my fears.
Left your side from time to time.
Yet You insist,
‘This one is mine.’

I have doubted, fallen through.
Thought perhaps, You left me too.
Broken more times, than made new.
Yet You insist,
‘I so love you.’

I think of all You left behind.
Sacrificed, to lead the blind.
Knowing all the world would do,
and cannot help but Love You too.

I see my life, and see Your Hand.
So many miracles, unplanned.
So many times The world said ‘Done,’
Yet You insist,
‘I’ve got this one.’

So Dear Lord, I thank You so.
For all the times I let You go.
For all the times You carried me.
All the times I could not see.
Every sadness, every pain.
To find my Truth in You again.


‘and lo I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world’

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A Woman Living Grace

May I be that ray of sunlight,
when the sky is overcast.
A petal from His Roses,
with fragrance made to last.
A hint of coming rainbows,
in the darkest Winter Storm,
and the softest pink horizon
to remind you of the Dawn.

Seeking out the wonderful,
with laughter on my face.
But most of all I pray to be,
A woman living Grace.

A child of God.
Friend to all.
Ever Loving heart.
Live my life with courage,
My God how Great Thou Art.
Dance to every melody.
Sing to every song.
Be the one to help you know
He Loved you all along.

Someday to help you see it too,
find a safer place.
But most of all I pray to be,
A woman living Grace.

May I be the one who never said,
‘I told you so my friend’.
May I be the one who always cared
beginning to the end.
The one who saw the good in all,
walked the extra mile.
Saw the Magic of His Plan,
and never lost her smile.

A hand to hold, when life grows old,
to finish up this race.
But most of all I pray to be,
A woman living Grace.

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