Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Broken people stumbling,
trying to find our way.
Lord help Your lambs to trust in You,
in all we do and say.

Help us all to bathe in Grace,
Discerning right from wrong.
Lead us,
guide us,
every step,
the weak to be made strong.

Not one of us is perfect,
and none of us is whole.
We need You Jesus every day,
Redeemer of the soul.

Help us in our Daily walk,
through shadows ever grey.
To grow,
to heal
Give thanks, and kneel,
humbled hearts to pray.

Everyone is broken,
and everyone is scarred.
Everyone has secret pain,
where clarity is marred.

And all so need my Savior,
to stand before the Throne.
Sanctify the sinners heart,
and lead the Remnant Home.


2 Corinthians 12:9,
‘And He said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness’.

Love Unseen

Sometimes Lord,
I can’t do anymore.
Think anymore.
Sink anymore….

Then I pray,
‘Just hold me,
enfold me,’
until the storms of my heart,
and the whirlpools in my mind

Do you know how much I need You?
Every day,
every way
that there is.

To see your Face,
feel Your Grace,
wash over me.
Hear You say,

here I am.

Love unseen,
always been
by your side.’

and always Lord,
so tangled
and mangled

by living.
You lift me High,
help me fly,



I Saw The Face Of Jesus

I saw the Face of Jesus,
when all the walls fell down.
I didn’t know just who He was,
and barely touched his gown.

I saw the Face of Jesus,
when Widowhood drew near,
He held His arms outstretched to me
and wiped away the tears.

‘Lo I am with you always.
Beginning and the End.
Will love you to Eternity,
The Comforter,

My Friend.

I saw the Face of Jesus,
while sitting in a plane.
He said ,‘I know your heartache.’
He said, ‘I know your pain‘.

He told me that He Loved me so,
and beckoned , ‘Come to me’.
Rest awhile beneath my wings
to ever strengthen thee.